Police Chief On Pit Bull Attack: "It Was Bad"

Trying to get the dog off Riverhead Town Animal Control Officer was a 'battle', Chief David Hegermiller said.

Riverhead Town animal control officer Jessica Eibs-Stankaitis is lucky to be alive after a pit bull attack on Friday that left her badly injured.

Eibs-Stankaitis was mauled by a pit bull at the Riverhead Town animal shelter on Friday just after 3 p.m., Police Chief David Hegermiller said Saturday.

The ACO, who suffered lacerations to her face, has undetermined damage to her hip, Hegermiller said. "That's where the dog latched on. It wouldn't let go."

Animal shelter staff had no clue the dog would attack. "They thought it was a good dog," Hegermiller said. The dog, he added, was found on Wading River-Manor Road in a crate, on the side of the road. The male pit bull had been at the town animal shelter for a few days. 

"She was walking back to the kennel and the dog just attacked her out of nowhere," Hegermiller said. "She was very fortunate the dog didn't latch onto her neck."

Trying to get the dog off Eibs-Stankaitis wasn't easy, Hegermiller said. "It bad," he said. "It was a battle."

First, he said, after Eibs-Stankaitis screamed for help, a kennel attendant tried to use a snare pole on the animal's hind leg. "It didn't work," Hegermiller said. "Jessica, with the dog still hanging on her hip, was able to get something around its head and break it free."

Hegermiller said he saw Eibs-Stankaitis at Peconic Bay Medical Center last night; she has since been released. "It was upsetting to see her in the hospital," he said.

The dog, the police chief said, is currently in confinement at the town animal shelter and will be put down in ten days.

Oliver December 19, 2012 at 02:51 AM
If a pit bull ends up in a shelter it should be humanely euthanized, end of story. It's there for a reason.
Tony Solesky December 19, 2012 at 02:59 AM
Interesting concept Oliver considering that the people who ask for donations to their shelters to help curb animal over population are the same folks who promote no kill shelters. it is hard to escape the fact that we have gone from 52 million dogs in 2001 to 80 million presently. The significants of that is that is a 1/3 increase in revenue to the Pet supply and veterinarian industry. Free to good home yeah free to who? Not the person that rescues it thats for sure.
Oliver December 19, 2012 at 02:59 AM
To Ann Marie, above- what in the heck do you have an animal in the house with a child, to boot, that has all of these caveats ("don't go near it if it walks away, stay away from the food bowl")...what is wrong with you??? Other dogs might nip, but clearly, you've chosen an inherently dangerous animal- again, what is wrong with you?
Oliver December 19, 2012 at 03:01 AM
No one wants to meet your dog, Anne Marie.
Eileen DiCosola February 06, 2013 at 12:02 AM
Thank God that most well educated pet owners think of you as rubbish.


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