Welcome To Towson Patch

One of Maryland's oldest towns is now home to a 21st century news organization

Hi, I'm Tyler. Some of you might have seen my name in print before. Others might have seen me checking out your groceries before. Still others might wonder who this goofy kid in the glasses is.

In any case, welcome to Towson Patch. The clever little video here will introduce you to me, our features and all the cool things you can expect.

Towson Patch aims to be your homegrown news source (pun kind of intended). Many of our staffers -- including myself -- live here, grew up here or went to school in Towson.

We want to be as accessible as possible to you. If you see me tucked in the corner of a coffee shop or out on the street with my notepad or laptop, feel free to say "hi." Alternately, you can check us out on Twitter or Facebook. And if you have any comments, questions, concerns or news tips, send them my way at tyler@patch.com.


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