Promenot Video Takes Aim At Quirk, Other Elected Officials

Quirk says he "resents" negative and personal attacks leveled against him by former campaign opponents.

A group opposed to the Catonsville Promenade development proposed for a portion of the Spring Grove Hospital Center is taking aim at local politicians in a new video.

In the video, posted last week, the group outlines campaign contributions made to a number of elected officials including County Executive Kevin Kamenetz, Councilman Tom Quirk and Dels. Steve DeBoy and Jim Malone.

The group alleges that the money from developer Steve Whalen and people and businesses associated with the Catonsville developer are tilting the process unfairly in favor of more development over open space and ball fields.

The video's final clip asks viewers if they believe corruption is alive and well over a shot of Quirk and Whalen attending a game at M&T Bank Stadium. The two can be seen touching the foot of a statue of Johnny Unitas.

In an interview, Quirk said he believes Paul and Rebecca Dongarra are behind the group and the video. Paul Dongarra was seen Wednesday putting up Catonsville Promenot signs after the Catsonville July 4 Parade. The signs were seen along the parade route in the front and back yards of residents whose homes face Frederick Road.

Rebecca Dongarra ran against Quirk in the Democratic council primary in 2010.

"They continue to engage in these petty personal attacks and I resent it," said Quirk, a Catonsville Democrat.

"I think Paul Dongarra spends every day doing everything he can to attack my personal integrity and character and I've had enough of it," Quirk said.

Paul Dongarra was not immediately available for comment.

Quirk acknowledged the video of him and Whalen and said the footage was taken before he was elected to the council. He said he's not ashamed of the money he's raised to run for office or of Whalen.

"Campaigns are expensive and you have to get your message out to thousands of people," Quirk said. "I'm proud of my contributors and proud of my campaign.

"Steve Whalen can be a controversial figure but he's also done a lot of good for the community," Quirk said.

Patch also reached out to Whalen for comment.

Quirk said his position on potential uses for the Spring Grove property has not changed and said he still supports it being used for open space and expansion of facilities for the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. 

on the fate of the 190-acre property divided up the property for continued use as a state hospital as well as for the university and some open space and retail uses.

Should state declare enough of the land surplus, Quirk said he would consider supporting "some kind of mixed-use project."

"That doesn't necessarily mean The Promenade," Quirk said.

Penny Riordan, local editor for Catonsville Patch, contributed to this report.

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Adam Darchicourt July 07, 2012 at 02:41 AM
First of all, thank you for helping to ensure that Catonsville can always have enviable 4th of July celebrations to be proud of. The Dongarra's used to employ me, so I have been watching their campaign with some interest. Their fight against the Promenade is no "issue of the week"- they have been in this battle from the beginning! And I think that the fact that Tom Quirk singled Paul out in this statement means that the Dongarras are gaining some real momentum. Also, I'd like to note that American patriotism is founded on ideals of dissent, speaking out freely, and keeping a watchful eye on our elected officials. Finally, I find it hard to believe that the Dongarras did nothing to financially support our celebrations (Do we not have door-to-door collections? Does Catonsville Presbyterian not support the celebrations?), and it's really none of our business to know that. The Dongarras are supporting Catonsville, not only through their responsible, honest business, but also by spending their time and energy fighting for this just cause, and for that I am willing to excuse them and their organization in breaking a few minor rules.
Arbutus Town Crier July 07, 2012 at 03:09 AM
http://kittleman.com/election-closes-campaign-finance-talk-opens/ On Jan. 13, 2010 Catonsville developer Steve Whalen used nine LLCs to give $28,000 — seven times the $4,000 limit on individuals or corporations during a four-year period — to Baltimore County Councilman Kevin Kamenetz, then seeking the Democratic nomination for county executive. Kamenetz won the primary and the general election.
CerahAnd July 07, 2012 at 03:46 PM
I think the courthouse could have made sense too. I'm adverse to a government data center that Mr. Atkinson mentioned.
adminnikePrinz July 30, 2012 at 04:34 PM
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jack friese December 21, 2012 at 05:15 PM
If you believe this is all the facts on these illegal contributions, maybe Jim Smith, the retired County Executive could join forces with Whalen, Quirk, and Kamenetz, Malone, DeBoy and Kasemeyer and "sell" the Bay Bridge to some unsuspecting victim(s). The illegal contributions to Quirk, Kamenetz, Smith (and I am sure) others is just the tip of the iceberg. Let's see the indictment of Whalen who has enough money to make this crime disappear. He (and all his paper and phony companies) should be banned from doing any business with the State for three years as his punishment for these crimes. Then apply the maximum, monetary fine not minimum fines for his criminal behavior. Hold him accountable for this behavior. Voters were told about these shenanigans by Whalen during the 2010 campaign in district 12 by the Republican candidates. Dirty money prevailed and no Republican can win in this corrupt environment. I wonder really how much money was stuck in the pockets of Kasemayer, Malone and DeBoy (and others) for their participation in this rip off of Maryland citizens? This is not a Republican or Democratic issue, it is a moral issue and no one should be allowed to tamper with our political system because they have millions of dollars to throw around.


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