Perry Hall Square Anticipates Giant Food Foot Traffic

The return of a large grocery store could bring more customers to surrounding businesses.

For more than a year, the former location at remained vacant.

That's expected to change this week, as the plans to open its doors to customers, as well as more than 100 employees. For some surrounding businesses, it's a long-anticipated improvement, accompanied by the hope of more foot traffic.

Are you planning to shop at the new grocery store? Do you plan on shopping more at Perry Hall Square Shopping Center? Tell us in the comments.

"I still have customers coming in and asking, 'When did you open up?'" said Gregory Dopkowski, manager of on Ebenezer Road, around the corner from the new Giant. "This store has been open six years."

Dopkowski said make it even harder to draw new customers.

To compensate for the Superfresh vacancy, businesses at the shopping center had received temporarily discounted rent—which will end with Giant's grand opening.

"We're hoping the new store helps. We'll see," Dopkowski said, adding that he plans to add "Ace Hardware" signs to the loading dock doors, within view of Giant's entrance.

Maurizio Illiano, owner of , adjacent to the Giant, describes his business as "steady, but not great."

"We hope people stop by and get to know us," Illiano said, adding that several Giant employees in training have already visited his restaurant for lunch.

on Belair Road, in front of the Giant parking lot, has also already experienced more traffic from Giant employees, according to marketing director Valerie Wilson.

"We definitely have a good relationship with the people who work over there, and we've given them a lot of coupons," Wilson said.

Giant management was not immediately available to comment on the anticipated impact of the new store. Company officials, however, confirmed the planned grand opening celebration was on schedule for Aug. 23, between 5-8 p.m.

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Honeygo Hal August 22, 2012 at 12:09 PM
IMO, the biggest argument against "family fun" at that location is the rent. That is a main location that commands a premium rent and like it or not, the go-Kart track will just not generate the income-per-square-foot of a grocery store. That's why the one we have is on Pulaski Hwy. Beyond that, it is a prime location for Giant to test themselves against the Weis. That Weis is one of their premier stores in the area with items they do not carry in any other store. Personally, I like both Weis and Giant, but my wife frequents Giant because of the gas points - She usually gets enough points to get $1.50 or more off on gas. Bring it on - the competition will be good for us!
Mike Fisher August 22, 2012 at 07:41 PM
I was thinking more than a Go Kart track, just that in part outside. I think people would go to a rec center there that had indoor sports, a video game arcade and hell, an indoor pool too along with a Go-Kart track outside. At any rate, we'll see how Giant does against Weis. I expect Weis will do something to counter their arrival. They already give out lots of coupons, gas points and discounts for loyal shoppers. Weis will be hard to take down and I personally don't think they will let it happen. Giant should, at the very least, last longer than Super Fresh did.
Jeanne August 22, 2012 at 09:34 PM
Mike the Metro is where the YMCA is now on the other side of theparking lot. There is a Minature Gold course next to the M&T bank if you like golf.
Tracey August 25, 2012 at 02:11 AM
Well the parking lot was completely full today. No room for Go karts. The only reason I ever went to SuperFresh was if needed something I knew Weis didn't have and I was doing a quick-forgot-something trip. I just didn't like Superfresh, it seemed 'low end' to me, sort of like Food Lion. I really only use Weis to pickup one or two items a trip because of its convenient location to our house. We do the bulk of our shopping at Wegman's and Safeway. Giant will definitely take our business away from those two stores. Weis will probably still be the "stop and get a gallon of milk" store.
Tim August 25, 2012 at 02:17 AM
Yeah, Giant did themselves pretty well with the property/infrastructure they had to work with. They had some peppercorn bacon too, I hasn't noticed that anywhere in a while (or maybe my memory is bad) so that's what I'll be eating with my everything bagel tomorrow morning :)


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