Chief Johnson Think Before You Speak On Gun Control

Your own photo-ops say otherwise on crime.

Before I begin my blog on this tempestuous subject, I too was in favor of gun control until I saw the mess “we the people” made of it. 

 It wasn’t long ago when Baltimore County Police Department Chief James Johnson was touting from a podium on the issues of crime and its decline.  It wasn’t one photo-op but a series of statements on how safe we were in Baltimore County. 

So my question is, why is the chief in Washington testifying on gun control when his own jurisdiction has not faced or is dealing with such a problem?  At the hearing Chief Johnson testified that, “I’ve seen an explosion of firepower since the assault weapons ban expired." And yet if you check the police department’s website, you will know that the use of a firearm in a crime has declined over the years.  I also found this on an article featured in the Sun which does not even mention any kind of gun crime.  The chief has a habit of using hyperbole when addressing certain issues.  In the last 12 years there has not been one homicide involving an assault weapon in the county.

This entire subject if full of oxymorons that if you look closely at them and go back to my opening statement of “we the people," made a mess of this whole issue. Let’s take a look at the number of laws on the books concerning gun control.  There are 20,000 laws on the books concerning this issue.  That’s right, I said 20,000 laws.  Now keep in mind those laws apply to one issue - GUNS!

Remember when the debate on illegal immigrants at times focused on rounding up 11 million illegals and deporting them?  The response? It was ludicrous to even think this could be done.  Now consider this: there are 310 million nonmilitary type weapons in this country.  With that many weapons available to the public, how can more laws impact gun crime and even more importantly, who do you disarm or prohibit one from ownersip?

Now here is an interesting fact concerning those gun laws.  According to ABC News “More than half of the firearms traced in crimes come from just 1 percent of the nation's licensed gun stores, but federal agents rarely check to make sure these stores are complying with gun laws, a new study finds.” 

You think there might be a problem there and it does not concern guns but rather the LAW!   Now, if you enforced those laws how much gun crime do you think you would reduce considering “56% of violent felons are repeat offenders and 61% of all felons are repeat offenders.”

Another sad fact concerns our brave fighting men and women overseas.  Guns are not even mentioned in the leading cause of death to our troops.  At the top of list include IEDs, car bombs, RPGs and helicopters.

Another oxymoron that comes to mind is that the chief himself is armed.  Governor O’Malley, the county executive and the mayor of Baltimore all have armed body guards. It is interesting that the president’s children are protected by armed Secret Service Agents.  It is also interesting that Secret Service agents who surrounded Presidents Kennedy, Ford and Regan were also armed. 

The question begs: were the guns more dangerous than the persons who pulled the trigger and could anyone have stopped that?

Good ol' Congress and its ban on assault weapons—did it work?  Well, not exactly, according to the Washington Post.

Take a look at Chicago, a city with some of the toughest gun laws on the books in the country and their homicide rate it is over 500 and rising and still a young teen is killed.  What would you like to bet it was by a violent repeat offender?

Our own city stats bear out the facts.  The repeat offender rate in these homicides is almost 80%.  It’s not hard to see who uses the guns and it sure ain’t the good guys.

With over 310 million guns on the streets and 20,000 laws currently on the books, a broken mental health system and ineffective enforcement of current laws, for me the chief should have stayed in Baltimore County where he is safe, according to his photo-ops.  



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Steve February 01, 2013 at 11:00 AM
More Monkey Poo flinging from Beeker....
Buzz Beeler February 01, 2013 at 01:47 PM
Another interesting article on this story from the Daily Caller that broke the story on Robert Menendez-US Senator for New Jersey. http://dailycaller.com/2013/01/31/police-chief-johnsons-testimony-40-bypass-background-checks-is-false/
Bill Goodman February 01, 2013 at 02:21 PM
You and I both know that this position was not earned, but given to him for playing golf with and sucking up to Jim Smith. He has NEVER been known for making the tough decision and for always taking the easy way out on all "iffy" situations. You made several valid points that maybe Jimmy should have investigated instead of just going after Liberal Suck Up Points
Randy Graber February 01, 2013 at 04:23 PM
Before even thinking of an assault weapons ban we should demand that the Federal government by use of the FBI collect the following: 1. Create a category for so-called assault weapons and separate them from the rifle category 2. Size of magazine in the firearm at the time of the crime and number of shots fired from the weapon. If an assault weapons or any weapon with a magazine carrying more then 10 rounds was use in a murder and only one or two shots were fired in the killing, then having the 30 round magazine is a mute point and should not be allowed to be counted. The total number of people killed in x years where more than 10 rounds were fired from the same firearm at the same crime would be very low and these stats could be used to protect our rights in the future. The anti-gun groups are grouping handguns that hold more then 10 rounds with assault weapon stats. We need to make sure large capacity magazines in handguns and in assault weapons are not allowed to be grouped together especially if less then 10 shots were fired in the crime. Just because the handgun had 19 rounds in it but only 3 were fired, we should demand that they not be counted as a high capacity crime statics. This should be part of any gun control proposal or law and having these statics will further protect our 2nd amendment rights. PS Chief James Johnson is a LIER, he said dozens of officers have been killed with assault weapons. maybe over 40 years!
Buzz Beeler February 01, 2013 at 07:32 PM
Randy The Daily Caller called him out on his stats or stat-less testimony.
jack friese February 02, 2013 at 09:32 PM
Johnson lapdog for DHR, Jim Smith, Judy Schagrin, Kamenetz, OweMalley & others. Your "facts", are wrong, you ignore real facts. item: If YOU are so very concerned about assault weapons, why is it that YOUR department can not account for more than two dozen BCPD MACHINE GUNS? When questioned BCPD said, "they must have been melted down", "to we are looking into it" to nothing for 3 years. What happened to these 85 BCPD MACHINE GUNS Jimmy? item: The sexual, physical and emotional abuse of my son. Jimmy Why do you refuse to give me BCPD reports 11-115-1033 and 12-131-1377? Cover up by Teflon Teddy Dallas and Schagrin! item: why did you have your goons threaten to arrest me when I protested with a permit at Dumbcastle? You violated my 1st amendment. item: Where is the BCPD report for the theft of my EIGHTY FIVE weapons including legal "sniper" type rifles, pistols, shotguns and ammo stolen by Manns from my warehouse 3 yrs ago.. How many of these stolen weapons have been recovered, which are my personal property Jimmy? I sent emails to Jessemy, Bernstein, Bealfeld, Batts, SRB, Dixon and you Jimmy Johnson asking for specifics and status on the recovery of these EIGHTY FIVE stolen weapons. If you were serious about getting weapons off the streets in Baltimore City and the County there would be regular reports on this crime issued to me- the victim. What say you Jimmy? Manns is the thief and in jail.What does BATFE have to say-NOTHING! Another BATFE/BCPD Cover up!
Buzz Beeler February 02, 2013 at 10:06 PM
Jack there is a remedy for the answers you seek. File a FIA (Freedom of Information Act) and they will be forced to turn them over to you. The ones they don't you can have an attorney file a subpoena. If they fail to reply like they did with me then you can file suit and trust me it works. I remember parts of your story but lack sufficient knowledge other than what I have proposed. They cannot hide from these request and have a maximum of 30 days to provide full disclosure of materials. Those documents they claim are confidential may require the aid of an attorney. Hope this helps.
Steve February 03, 2013 at 04:38 AM
LOL Chief Johnson was right. http://www.thedailyshow.com/watch/thu-january-31-2013/weapons-of-mass-discussion---universal-background-checks
1ke February 03, 2013 at 02:28 PM
I am under the impression that ATF and the FBI possess this data but that Federal law prohibits the use of public funds to disseminate it.
1ke February 03, 2013 at 02:32 PM
You starting an army or something? Sounds like compulsive behavior to me. At least, law enforcement knows where to find you, especially if you file a FOIA request.
Buzz Beeler February 03, 2013 at 03:13 PM
Quote: " At least, law enforcement knows where to find you, especially if you file a FOIA request." I don't think Mr. Friese has anything to fear since he has walked the walk in dealing with Chief Johnson. If you don't fight back for your rights, he wins.
jack friese February 03, 2013 at 06:01 PM
Johnson a political hack uses his goons to try to intimidate law abiding citizens. He is a knucklehead and tool for Kamanetz Teddy Dallas & others to threaten law abiding citizens. I was assaulted in Ballou-Watts' courtroom on July 23 by DHR Levey. The judge had a Rosemary Wood moment, the video "wasn't working" and the audio recording "malfunctioned"-evidence "erased". Johnson and Ballou-Watts are willing participants in the sexual, physical and emotional abuse cover up of my son in 3 of 4 foster homes. His mother was raped 20 years ago and this was covered up by Deborah Barr of BCDSS. Barr arranged a $6,000 check as a pay off to buy silence from the mother. ThIS cover up includes $3,103,278 paid to Meccas Place the criminals who placed my son (and his mother) in the foster home where his mother's rapist frequents. It is a violation of annotated S109-6. Schargrin, Meccas, and Kaplan the mothers public pretender & Ballou Watts ignored this law which is for the protection of the CINA kids. What say you Teflon Teddy Dallas. Where is the Court appointed special advocate (CASA) representative for my son Ballou-Watts? These clowns, ignore the laws when it suits their cover up. The victim is my son.The MD. CINA foster care system is dangerous, broken and corrupt. Dallas throws around his 2.5 billion dollar budget to try to buy silence.Johnson is a tool used by the senior MD hacks.


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