A Friend When Working Fine, Not Liked When It Is Down

A story about the equipment so vital in our daily lives called the computer and how it affects us when it is down and enlivens us when it is up and running.

Someday, the light will shine like a sun through my skin and
they will say, what have you done with your life? And though there are many
moments I think I will remember, in the end, I will be proud to say, I was one
of us.

This is an interesting quote. We all want to make our ‘mark’
on the world, if not the world, then our country, if not our country, then our
city or town. When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a fashion model. I saw
models in the tea room restaurants we use to go to when we went shopping downtown.

There was a televisonshow on TV that featured Thanksgiving models modeling
clothes from the local department stores. I wanted to do that. In a former
article, I told of my becoming a model while in high school and the fun I had
trying on the clothes and modeling them every Saturday morning before the
buyers and executives of Stewart’s Department store and also I organized
another fashion show from top to bottom at another department store, all
my idea. I was the producer of it and I was a model in it. The only
remuneration I received was that I could keep the outfit I wore in the show.
That was sufficient for me.

Sometimes we choose to do things and receive no pay for
doing so. In volunteering work, we do work and do it for the pleasure of giving
our time for others to benefit from it. Sometimes, the boost we give to our
soul and heart and to the souls and hearts of others is worth more than some
payment could ever be. Be who you are and it’s time to be that. There is
another saying that sums it up. It says “if you’re your authentic self, you’ll
have no competition.”  Think of what that
can mean in your life.

You do not have to compete with others, with strangers,  Ms. J.

Umbridge said to me in an email “there is a cosmic
connection between us. I feel like the heavens drew me to your writings, my

How delightful that line is. It made my day, week and whole
year so far in 2012. What a wonderful mind she has to feel that way about a
stranger; she knows only through the internet and  about me and my writings. She also said " in a brutal world, you made me happy. Thank you for your kind words."

So we may not be visual friends, since we have never met
which is so for all my dozens of email pals.We have met through the internet
and email and that is a fine way of meeting and connecting up with new folks in
our lives. It is even more interesting than maybe meeting in person. An
acquaintance of mine met his wife of three years via the Internet. They were
both interested in unusual comics and she typed that in and he typed that in
and they met and were email pals for several years. She came to meet him in his
hometown and he went for Christmas to her hometown, halfway across the country and when he came back, he told his Mom he had proposed to her. Then several months later, she came to his hometown where he bought her an engagement ring and they were married in her hometown and have been married for three years and they are in their new home and both have fine jobs and they are very content. Wow, what a way to connect with someone from half way across our country and you, like, get to know and the ultimate you marry and are very happy and they live in Maryland, so they have plenty of vacation cities to visit in
now, her hometown, his hometown and they live right here in my hometown area. I guess you could say that is meant to be. There is a Jewish word for it and it
is called ‘beshert.’ It means meant to be.

My five year old granddaughter got on the phone tonight when
I was talking to her Dad, and she was saying some words I did not know. Dad
told her “Ava Grammie does not know those words.” She said to me “ Grammie I
made up a new language.”

Wow what a smart kid, when we were young we used a language
called Pig Latin. We changed words around by adding or deleting letters and we
would speak to our friends with it. Mom use to say “talk correctly.” It was a
fun way for kids to joke around and Ava is doing that same thing but making up
new words, so everything does come full circle.

So let the light shine and be proud to say and be one of us.

My email is down now for about four hours and I called
Verizon and got a man in India and he said he could not fix it and then I called
my additional technical support system that I paid one hundred sixty dollars
for a year of help and he was in India. All of them are hardworking and kind
workers and extremely polite. So the tech support I paid for made a conference
call when he could not fix it and he called Verizon and we were a three way
conference call. The Verizon tech figured out it was not only me; it was a
great section of Verizon clients. So now I am waiting, they say for maybe 12-24
hours for it being fixed, all of us.

Oh sadness, not to get my emails, no hearing from my dozens
of fans, friends and future meeting folks. I can use the Internet, no email. I
am sad, but I will look forward to the dawn of the day and the dawn of getting
back my email system.

Life has changed for us email addicts, but for the better
and we are now closer to the world and country because of our computers. My
son’s friend told me over twenty-five years ago, that the world will change
because everyone will have this piece of equipment in their homes and we will
be able to spread our wings and meet so many new people through it and by it
and for it. Our lives will never be the same and he was oh so right and on the
mark. I know my life has changed and really for the better because I write and
use my computer to reach folks and have been told by J. Umbridge of Maryland,
Steven Behr of Washington State and Mila in Texas how I influence their lives
with encouragement and inspiration and now I know that being a model was
nothing as vital, caring, wonderful and exciting as my computer and my words
and thoughts being read by a countless number of folks and that is better than
winning an Emmy, a Grammy or even a Tony award.

When my own son after reading each one of them says, wonderful, excellent, awesome, a good one, then I have won my best award of
all- I call it the Jeffrey award. Thank you to who invented this wonderful machine
that has made my life full of exasperation like tonight when I cannot send or
receive emails, because Verizon is out and they are trying hard for many hours
to repair the system; but for all the other hours when you do run well, I am
grateful for the hours I use this excellent computer which inspires me to
stimulate and encourage others on life, ballroom dancing and remembering the old days when we were young. Bless your inner workings that make my innermost
thoughts come alive and I therefore keep alive and happy.

I know I am one of us.



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