Amy, By My Side

A story praising someone else who was kind to me and my reward is that I feel kind doing this praising for one who deserves it.

This story/article is about some special people I know and how their kindness is like a ripple effect. It makes me want to be extra kind
to someone else right away, after they were good to me.

One in particular is a beautiful young woman named Amy Moses. She is the secretary in a very busy office of a fine cardiologist Dr.
Charles C. Cummings in the practice called Woodholme Cardiovascular Associates
in Pikesville and Westminster. Everyone is nice there, but Amy is especially

She is never too busy to try to get your test results, or to make an appointment for an emergency necessity and she is just the finest
around in her personality which is sweet, adorable and efficient. It makes it a
pleasure to deal with her and especially if one does not feel well; it is a
great experience when it can be the opposite in other offices.

Also in other places you need some help; there are many other fine people I come across. Mr. Carroll Shiller (now deceased) who I have
mentioned in other articles and who I bought furniture and appliances from when
I first married fifty-two years ago; told me once that since he had been extra
special nice and helpful to me in an appliance buying, not to thank him, but to
do something in return, great for someone else. So that is what I am doing for
Amy Moses. I am writing this to praise her in writing and for her to know that
her kindnesses do not go unnoticed.

A saying goes like this “people who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it.”Some people in offices get snippy
with you especially seniors who may take longer to express themselves. They
themselves if they have older parents expect others to be patient with them,
because they are their parents. They in turn sometimes forget about other folks
and their needs.

Life is short and many times it is not sweet.Who knows how much time we have left, so let us make the best of it.

Emily Dickinson wrote “we outgrow love like other things and put it in the drawer.” We should never put any kind of love in a drawer and
especially a closed drawer. We should leave the drawer open for love to spread
from one of us to another. There are all kinds of love. The love to our children,
to our grandchildren, to our siblings, to our parents and if they are gone, we
can still love their memories. We care for our friends and even love some of
them as much as we care for real family members. We can love our hobbies, our
work, our homes, our car, our football team, our many other things.

So as Valentine’s day approaches, which is the symbol of love and was made into a holiday of red hearts, engagements, weddings, fancy
dinners and celebrations, gifts, flowers, cards; let us remember that
kindnesses are also witnessed by appreciation of people who do nice things for
us and to us and do as Mr.Carroll Shiller said to me all those fifty some years
ago standing in my living room “do something for someone else in return for my
doing something for you.”

So to Amy Moses, this is for you my dear, lovely young woman. You were sincerely kind to me these last two days when I needed the
services of Dr. Charles C. Cummings, who is kind to me, compliments me and who
takes care of me for at least the last twenty some years. He is lucky to have
you represent him in his profession as a doctor; and I am fortunate to have you
by his side and most of all by my side.

As Mr.Shiller said, this is my doing something kind for someone else and you are the someone. You are a very special person and I thank
you for all you do for everyone and especially for me, a senior of almost
seventy-nine, who appreciates you and  I will never put you in a ‘drawer.’ You are too pretty and dear to be inserted in there. You need to be seen by all. By seeing you and your devotion to the patients, other people will accomplish something special for and to another person and the ‘domino effect will be in effect at once.’ We will ‘affect’ and touch the emotions of others.

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