An Inward Spirit That Keeps You Alive And Vital

Some thoughts of keeping seniors occupied with good thoughts and fine happenings we all can use.

I saw this line on the Internet. It said “you can make a prison of your own making, this need not happen.” You can do it yourself to yourself. You have to forget your weaknesses and think of your great courage in doing so many things. You can share your achievements with others and mainly to yourself.

I know of many persons if you look at them, you might think them a wimp, a nerd, even uneducated too. This is many times so untrue. I once saw a lady I knew in the supermarket shopping. To anyone looking at her in her faded jeans, her unironed blouse, her messy hair and you would have thought her an unlikely candidate of being a very fine doctor. She worked in a doctor’s office that we frequented. She was a specialty doctor with her practice being for Arthritis patients. She was excellent in her profession and very well liked. I guess when she was on her own time; she liked to relax in this mode of dressing. This proves you cannot tell what a person is, knows, acts like or portrays by their way of dressing.

I know of others who dress up to go to that same supermarket. They like to look nice at all times and that is a fine way of acting. I always like to look nice myself when I go anywhere, makeup on, clothes neat, shoes comfortable and hair done.

There was a movie forty years ago or so, that was called To Each His Own and that line became an expression for us to use in life. So to each his own is how a person dresses for any event of any sort. It is how you feel about yourself.

When we go to social dances, they have a sign up that says no jeans, no cutoff shirts, and no shorts. They want everyone to look nice and when you look well, you act well mannered, cordial and perhaps kind. Maybe, you even dance better and have a great time for this social happening. You forget your weakness perhaps in dancing some dances and you have the courage to try them out on the dance floor, even if you do not know that dance adequately. You have the chutzpah to attempt them and that is releasing you from making you feel imprisoned in the “I do not dance well attitude.”

Sometimes we feel that certain things takes away all our senior spirit. We cannot let that happen, because then we become the prisoners of our own making. We are better off feeling like we are courageous and anything we try makes us special because we at least tried.

I know of many seniors who sit by the television set most of the day, changing channels and getting all of their life information from it. They may go out and eat a meal, but other than that, they survive with the information gathered there.

Others take up hobbies like art classes, tennis classes, dance lessons, sewing classes, book review times, golf,  religious groups, lectures, seminars, cooking and anything out there. Many senior centers thrive on the groups of seniors who attend their lunches, their exercise classes and just being there for a few hours socializing with others, either their friends or new people they meet there.

Then their days are profitable to their minds and souls because they left home and went to a social gathering.

So go out if you are able, many times a week, wherever you think will be a place of happiness and not a prison for your mind.

Be like you were when you were younger and always looked forward to going somewhere, no matter how busy you were. Enjoy your retired time, be seen and see too and you will be sharing great achievements with others, like you who are doing the same thing.

You still have spirit and let no one take it away from you. Even if you are not dressed up, the experience of accomplishing something for yourself “lifts your inward flame, a lamp the world blows upon, but never puts out.” This written by Margot Aisquith, I do not know who she is or was, but she surely is stating it beautifully.

As we start Thanksgiving, Chanukah, Christmas and New Year’s, keep your inner flame bright, burning and satisfied. You will be sharing all of your achievements, mainly with you.

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J Umbridge November 16, 2012 at 09:24 PM
For me, your column is like a roaring fire that brings the clipper ship to shore amid stormy weather.
Elita Sohmer Clayman November 17, 2012 at 01:43 AM
Thank you. did the pastor decide to use my words? If so, do you have a cassette tape recorder and you could tape it and send it to me. I will pay you for the postage and the cassette. It would be thrilling to hear it. wow. thanks elita why do you not email me sometimes.. it is elitajerrydancing@verizon.net
Elita Sohmer Clayman November 22, 2012 at 04:58 PM
May your "inward flame" be always strong, filled with energy and enhancing to all who feel its warmth! HAPPY THANKSGIVING ! Steven Behr Wellness Educator (253) 686-9797 Elita, May your "inward flame" be always strong, filled with energy and enhancing to all who feel its warmth! Steven Behr, Steilacoomb, Washington State


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