Angels, Good Drugs And It Was Meant To Be

A true story and hopefully it will be inspiring to others with bad knees and are trying not to have knee replacement surgery done if they can try something else for now.

I have been trying to figure out at this senior age, which
body part is more important. I use to think it was the heart and surely that is
probably number one. Then now I think it my knees. Eight years ago today,
December 7th 2004, I fell outside Michaels Craft Store in Timonium
on a very rainy day. I dislocated my left arm and had to go to St. Joseph’s
Hospital to have it placed back in its socket. Then I thought that my left arm
was the most important part of me. I had to wear a sling, hard to do normal
things with one arm and thankful it was not my right arm.

Now I think at the present time, my most valuable part today
is my right knee. When you cannot walk well, you are quite limited in where you
go and what you do. So yesterday, I had the first of three injections to help
me and my knee to do things. Then I go back for the next two Thursdays for follow-up
shots and the total will be three. Then, the orthopedic doctor, Dr. David
Buchalter said it could take up to six weeks from the third shot to be
effective. That places the exact date until Jan 31st. The shot’s
name is Euflexxa pronounced you-flex-ahhh. Drugs sometimes have similar or
silly names. I guess this one means you will be able to flex which means bend,
stretch and contract.

Wow, if I can bend, stretch or contract, I will be a winner
and will have succeeded in having maybe six months of ease and good walking
until the next injection. I will feel as if I won the lottery.

Oh how we take for granted walking. When we have our own
kids or grandkids, we cannot wait until they take their first step. We hope we
see it first before anybody else. I have an acquaintance who is a doctor and
she has a nanny taking care of her son and she was sad, the day he took his
first step, she was at work and the nanny told her about it by texting her. He
really did not walk well until he was almost twenty months and the doctor told
her there was nothing wrong, some walk earlier than others.

He is fine, but she was sad she was not there. She was
hoping he would take his first step on her three days at home and not at work.

We all want to be there for the first of anything that
happens that is great in our lives. I had a cousin who got engaged and her
father who worked the night shift never met the young man because he was either at work or sleeping from his unusual work schedule. The young man picked her up and her Mom was there at the house. They were living in a nice home and he must have thought they were wealthy and he went after her very strongly. It was a few months before the wedding that the bride realized they were not meant to be and called off the wedding. Her dad said that if he had been there to greet the soon to be groom, he could have seen that he was not the right person for his
eldest daughter. So it all worked out all right, because she met another fellow
and married and they are still together after about fifty years.

So him not being there to see the future son-in-law and
seeing things in him that he would not have liked, he thought it was his own
fault, that as a father he would have helped her to not go through this mishap.
Who knows, because the young man did not impress his future mother-in-law that
way, he appeared nice and intelligent and the daughter loved him, she thought.

In life, sometimes, it is meant to be that things happen to us and if they are pleasant happenings, then we realize how lucky we were or are. I met my husband through a pleasant happening that came out of an unpleasant event.  I have related this before how my phone number was given to him by a fellow I went out with for about two hours. I did not like him and he in turn gave Jerry my number and I resisted going out with him for three times when I heard the name of the other fellow. Mom, as Moms do encouraged me to try it and so I did and of course, we are married fifty-two years now. So sometimes, being there is OK, even if you think it will not be.

Now days they have computer dating, where you sign up and
put your photo and details and men or women who belong to the group see it,
choose you, call you and I know of about fifteen girls who met their now
husbands that way. They have these dating sites and they even make them
according to religion. There is one called Christian Mingle or Single and it
seems very nice and I know a young woman who met a fabulous man on there and they are both in their late fifties and they are very happy. I know a woman who met a nice Jewish man on a Jewish site and they too are happy for almost four years now and they lived about five miles from each and did not know one

It is said that love is a many splendored thing and sometimes this new way of meeting, other than in the olden days of 1957 when my number was given to this fellow from a fellow I really did not like and look what it led to. Two children, four grandchildren, in-law children and maybe if we live long enough, to have great grandchildren. However, I am already a great, great aunty to one great great nephew and one great great niece and that is a pretty wonderful accomplishment.

A high school friend of mine was unmarried at age thirty-eight. In those days, we lived with our folks and she and her widowed mom moved into a new apartment complex. Her next door neighbor had a brother in the armed services and he came home on leave and stayed with his sister, the neighbor. He fell in love with my friend and they married and had two daughters. They almost did not take the apartment, she and her Mom, because they wanted another one and it was not available and so they compromised and took the second one. If this had not happened, she would not have met this woman, the neighbor and the future husband. Her life would have been completely different and perhaps not as happy as it was.

So here is to being at the right place at the right time and
also to having a right knee able to move better, faster, without pain and for
me and everyone who tries this several year old medicine discovery, to be able
to do as the name implies- to be able to flex, walk and move about easier.

We take for granted what we have and a simple thing like
walking or not to be able to walk, becomes a prime source in our life as an
obstacle so great, it stops us from going places, doing things and most of all
to have peace of mind that we do not fall.

When I fell eight years ago today, it was not due to bad knees; the shopping carts were piled too close to the exit door and coupled with the harsh and slippery sidewalk and the cold day which may have caused a bit of freezing; I fell into the carts and wound up on the ground. However, one nice thing happened, if you can call falling a bit nice, I met a nurse who was shopping there and she directed me to St. Joseph’s where she was a supervisory nurse. I got good care and she stayed by my side for a while there, when I was admitted. We have kept in touch through the years and her name is my dear Nancy Thompson. She was my angel of the day.

So I was at the right place at the wrong time, but Nancy
took over as my visiting angel. I have never forgotten her for this wonderful
thing she did for me, a stranger, a senior who slipped and she cared so much. I
wrote an article about it then and I called her my guardian angel.

Now, eight years later, I remember her and I hope that my wonderful orthopedic doctor, Dr. David Buchalter will become my male guardian angel by giving me these shots and hoping they do the trick. It is perhaps meant to be, as the saying goes, that I fell on December 7th, 2004 and I am on my first day of Euflexxa for the knee on December 7th, 2012.

So here is to the goofy name of Euflexxa. I hope I will be
able to flex and the ‘U’ will be me, Elita and anyone else who takes this
injection and we were meant to get this medicine and the knee will flex and the
medicine will be my new guardian angel. Then when I can walk easily, I can
ballroom dance, go to malls, drive and most of all continue to be an
encouraging “angel” myself, to others, by writing these articles inspiring
others to accomplish anything they desire, at this senior age or any age.


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