Be Ready For Your Dreams, Because They Are Of Real Dreams That Can Happen Now

A story on making our dreams come true so they are now dreams in reality.

“A genuine dream is a picture and blueprint of a person's purpose and potential”. Or as is said, "A dream is the seed of possibility planted in the soul of a human being, which calls him to pursue a unique path to the realization of his purpose."

 These quotes by John Maxwell and Sharon Hull. Sadly, far too many people have dreams that are not genuine, but simply wishful thinking that fills their thoughts, but will never fulfill their lives." –

I dreamt about my late brother who has been gone now for over ten years now. In the dream, he looked exactly like when I saw him last. He was almost seventy-three and I was sixty-eight then.

We were talking and I do not know what about. I do not know why that night, I happened to have him in the dream. It was nice for the few minutes it lasted. We were both ten years younger.


In his book, John Maxwell says “own your dreams” and that is the title of his book.

How can we own our dreams? The dreams we have while we are awake, we can own. The ones when we are asleep just happen upon us. The daytime dreams are usually for things we wish would happen to us and real soon and it would be delightful. We can wish to be slimmer, to have a better job, to meet someone who will come into our life, maybe have a child, and perhaps go on a nice and faraway trip. We can dream that only good things happen to us and to have wonderful health.

Some of the dreams, we can make happen easily. Other things are harder to do. When I danced competitively and I was ready to go out and dance in a competition; I would dream that I would win a trophy or medal in that event, that I would dance beautifully and make no errors. When I was single, I dreamed about meeting Mr. Wonderful and getting married. When I was young, I dreamed about having a lovely home, several children and Mom and Dad would live to see all of this happening to me.Also, then, I would dream of having lots of material things and plenty of money to use for necessary items and some pleasurable ones too.

We have to find the purpose of our life when we are young and starting out. We have to have a goal and a big one and hopefully, we will achieve it soon after some hard work chasing it.Sometimes, we see a show business person and it seems that all of a sudden, he is a star and earning lots of money. Whereas, he has been practicing his craft for many years and actually was what we call a starving artist in the art world and in the acting world, we call him or her an overnight success. The overnight could have been twenty years in the making and he or she honed their skills in small clubs with obnoxious patrons or in small local plays or theaters. Christopher Reeve, the actor was discovered by Katherine Hepburn, the famous actress when she tuned in one day to a soap opera and saw this handsome young actor on a show called Love Of Life. She approached him and had him in a small Broadway play where he was seen and chosen to play Superman in a movie. That led to his popularity and he made several Superman movies and went on to Hollywood fame. Of course, his life turned into a horror story of being paralyzed from an accident with his horse. All of the money and accolades and care and devotion on the part of his family could not give him his legs back. His was a dream gone wrong on a sad day, when this happened to him.

His purpose in life took a wrong turn when he was thrown from the horse.

We can wonder, how different his life would have been, had he not been discovered by Hepburn and he had remained a small time actor and therefore he would not have had the money to own a horse and would not have been paralyzed.

Who knows what would have occurred, had he not been seen by Katherine. How different his life would have been and perhaps, he would still be alive.

So dreams sometimes turn out badly and hopefully, most become wonderful ways of life.

I have neighbors who every Fall season do not rake or take up their leaves from their trees and they allow them to be blown on their neighbor’s property that also have leaves they do not gather. Of course, we cut down all our trees many years ago at a great cost and we now are the recipients of the autumn leaves of our neighbors. Most of them do them once at least and they wait until most of them have blown away in my direction; then they do the balance.  Others do not rake them even once and eventually they are rid of them and I inherit them., We had to pay forty dollars to have someone eliminate the leaves in our gutters; all of them from these neighbors.  So the song called Autumn Leaves which was popular when I was a teen is now my song on my property still called autumn leaves.

So when you have all of their leaves, you dream that one day, they, the neighbors will be polite and kind enough to take their leaves and I mean bags of them, away and let my little piece of property be blank of those pretty colored invaders of my acreage. This is a small dream, but still a kind of dream.

I dream and imagine that I will stay slim, be healthy, continue to write my stories on The Patch, that my grandchildren will grow up and be successful and happy and healthy and that my children and us will be healthy and happy too and prosperous and that my special friends nearby and my email friends from a far will be successful, happy and most of all in good health.

I have met Mr. Wonderful and we have been married over fifty-two years, have a fine home, basically healthy at this age in life and have the children and grandchildren we dreamt about and even though I am the only remaining one of our little family of Mom, Dad, brother and me, we did have good times together while we were together.

So  each of us in our own way, are really ‘famous in our own way’ and even though we never became stars on the television or movie screen, we are stars in our own right and this happens or happened in whatever we chose to do in our life.

J. Umbridge, a Patch reader said to me on the Internet that “my one neighbor just lost his wife and your writings lifted his heart. He is an accomplished pianist who studied at Juilliard in the 1950’s and he may create a piece based on your words.” How much more fame could I wish for other than that? Even if it never happens, the words and dreams they conjure up make my written words seem magic and magic is always a delight. She also said that she would give my one story Dent to her pastor to use for his Thanksgiving sermon. Even if that does not happen, I surely have attained a big dream that is a ‘dream of a dream.’

Never lose your dreams, regardless of your ‘now’ age. Now can happen any minute, be ready for it NOW. I am.








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