Bedspreads And Negotiators Who You Know

This is all about negotiating your life into a better time.

Every accomplishment comes with your decision to try something new. The biggest gifts you receive come from many hardships we
encounter on the road of life.

A good saying is what is impossible today, tomorrow it becomes an obstacle you can overcome.

Steven Behr of Steilacoom, Washington State, my dear email friend, fan and mentor through the Internet says this to me:

“I wish there was an opportunity to sit everyone in the world down, one at a time and to have them read your articles.

Then ah, what an impact it would mean to today’s quality of life; ah, we will have to continue to do our share.” Steven does his share being a

Wellness Educator and in his classes he coaches people who are seniors and some
are disabled, to feel fine and able from his lectures and sometimes he uses my words from my articles to assist him.

He also said; “I just returned from the Seattle Symphony where the Pops played a tribute to Marvin Hamlisch. It was wonderful, but a
little sad. He was the Pops series conductor here in Seattle and he put
together this program last season to play this season.

It was called Hamlisch plays Hamlisch. We miss him very much. His music inspired people around the world and in his way he was a
railing, (he is referring to my article of a few days ago called Railings).
Hamlisch was a railing to enhance the quality of life. You (Elita) are a
railing as well for your inspiration and your words of wisdom, which you share
with all of us! Keep us stimulated and smiling as we negotiate each day.

Negotiating means transacting and arranging. This is a good word for life. Each and every day, we arrange what we are going to do. We get
up, get ready for work or retirement, eat our breakfast and we are on our way
to the job or to leisure time or we can stay home and work from there either at
a paying job or accomplishing taking care of our health, our hobbies, our
home,our grandchildren if they need it and anything we desire.

We are constantly negotiating to keep on surviving in a good way, a necessary way or a must do way. Some persons are in the medical field
and from what they do for a living, they assist others to stay healthy or they
fix something that is keeping them from good health. Others do mathematical jobs like CPA’s or financial advisors and they help us to hold onto our money so we can live nicely and to possibly save some for the future. Others teach leisure
activities like sports teachers or dance teachers and they give us the
knowledge to have fun times and activities. Others are attorneys who help us
when we have a legal problem or we need a new will for our heirs. Others are
teachers in schools and they help our grandchildren and children to be educated
and smart. Others may be in the food business and they run a restaurant where
we go to eat a leisurely meal we go to for enjoyment. Others sell appliances we
need for our homes or they make objects to enhance the look of our living areas
inside and outside. Some are actors who entertain us with a fine movie or a
live play or musicians like Steven heard who give us sweet music to our ears.

There is always out there someone we can negotiate with to assist us with good living all the days of our life. Then there are we ‘words’
people who use words to encourage, enhance, excite, extrapolate, express, exalt
and extol everyday happenings.

There use to be a lady named Margaret who worked with my Mom in about 1964 for the State Of Maryland downtown in an office building. She
could not understand why Mom told her that every day, seven days in a week,
whether she went to work the five 
workdays, that Mom made her bed with a bedspread, even though Mom was
gone for the day from 730 A.M. in the morning until 530 P.M. when she returned
home. Margaret would say to Mom “Lea, that is silly, you are not home to see
the spread on and you just have to take it off several hours after you come
home to get ready for sleep.” Mom use to reply to Margaret “it looks nice and
neat and even when I am here and I think about my home, I know everything is
clean and in order and so is my bed.”

This made Mom happy and secure knowing her home looked nice and even though Margaret could not understand it, it was true for Mom and that
is what mattered to her. I am the same way, even though I do not work away from
home, my bedrooms and my office are neat and clean and anybody can visit me
without making a call before and I do not have to run to straighten things up
for the unexpected visit. Each of us negotiates the way we want to run our life
and to live it happily. I remember Mom’s brother Lou came to visit and there
were no cell phones in those days; he went into her bedroom to make a call and
he sat down on her beloved spread I had bought her and he left it crinkled when
he got up.  She said to me when he left “
I did not like him sitting on my good bedspread and then leaving it all messed
up. He should know better.” This was her opinion and a valid one because this
is the way she was and I am too.

To Mom, her pretty bedspread was a simple,  sample of how she liked things to be in order, if she could make it happen and this was the way she negotiated her
living as a married lady and then as a widow. She never leaned away from it.

So if you want to negotiate your life into compartments, you can do it easily and if it makes you happy, go for it. It really does not cost
you anything to keep your abode clean and neat by yourself, it does not cost
anything to keep your bedspread on as long as you want, it does not cost you
anything  more costly than you want to
spend to make yourself a good homemade meal rather than eat what others have
prepared, it does not cost you anything more than you can afford to have a nice
hobby like ballroom dancing if you find ways to take group lessons rather than
private ones, it does not cost you a lot to watch new movies online or rent
them and it is cheaper than going to the movie theater,  it does not cost you a real lot if you shop
in stores where there are lots of sales and you can save big amounts of
money  on clothing, supplies and food
items. When you negotiate for things in advance, there are ways to save money
and you have the saved money for other things you want and desire and also for
the future, because we all know unexpected happenings can occur and we may need money for things we cannot negotiate for.

When I write my articles, it does not cost me any money other than the ink I use to print off the paper copies of these stories and I
am a mediator in my own life. I arrange and transact what I like to write about
and then I am happy I wrote these words which pop up on my computer screen for me to really see as well as I feel.

So be your own negotiator, your own president of your fan club, your own independent person who knows if he or she wants his bed covered
with the pretty spread or not; and keep your life ‘covered’ with anything that
makes you feel good, happy, content and mentally prosperous.

As Steven said he would like to sit every one down to  read my articles, I would like to sit everyone down to think about their life and to make happen what they think today is an impossible happening, to realize that tomorrow is obstacle free and it can happen.




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