Bring Him Or Her Home, Do Not Be Distracted

A story about making your own happiness; regardless of your age.

This was written by somebody. I do not know who wrote it. It is good. “Get started. Get it done. It is the start of a new week. You have
epic things to accomplish and lots of distractions fighting to take you off course. Focus on the activity and do the important things.”

A good few lines to attempt in our daily lives, regardless of age. Regardless of age has been my motto these last few senior years. There
is a line in the movie and play Les Miserable and it is in a song and the words

“Bring him home.” This can mean many things and to me it means that many times, we hesitate to bring someone home. It could be a new
friend, a boyfriend, a girlfriend, a new puppy, an old friend. Sometimes we are
scared or apprehensive and we worry if the people at home will not like this
person the way we do .When we are young ladies, and we meet a new boyfriend, we
hesitate to bring him home thinking maybe the family will not like him. We
should not worry about that. It is important; it is what we feel that counts.

I had a cousin who married a young man she met at work in D.C. and on a weekend they married at a court house and then she called her
parents and said she had married and she was bringing him home to meet their
new son-in-law. Her mother did not have a clue she was going with him and she
was happy that her daughter found someone. Her mom’s mom, an old lady who lived with her mom was very upset, because he was out of their religion. In those
days, most all of the religions liked everyone to marry within that religion

So we were invited to the wedding reception at my aunt’s home and they were remarried in a short ceremony by a clergyman. The old lady
stood there like she was in pain, my aunt was delirious with happiness, my
cousin was a bit plain, but on that day she was beautiful with a lovely
happiness glow. She did what was best for her and she had three children and a
very happy marriage for about thirty some years.

She “brought him home.” and her heart and soul were with him for a long time and him with her.

It is said that the biggest gifts come from hardships and my cousin was intelligent enough to know what she wanted and she did not let her
grandmother take away her happiness because he was not in her religion.

Now days, the children go on and do what they desire; most of the time, it will work out and if it does not, then they cope with it. In my
time, you did not do what my cousin did; she was about eleven years younger
than me. You listened to your parents and you usually tried to abide by their beliefs. It was called respect. I admired my cousin, because if she had
listened to her grandmother, she may have not met someone and her life would
have been dreary and sad. She passed on five years ago and she had the pleasure
of having three grandchildren too.

I had a friend who when her husband died, she was about seventy-five. She learned to drive a car, got her license, bought a car and
went back to get a college degree at that age. She was much respected in the
class of mostly eighteen year olds and a few like me of about thirty something’s.
She even had the guts to live with an old man who was about eighty and they
shared an apartment together, they did not marry. The reason being was it would
have lowered her Social Security income and they decided to ‘live in sin.’ Her
son who lived in Connecticut told her he was ashamed of her for doing this at
her age. She had a good life with the man; they traveled, ate out and went to
see plays. This son visited her once a year and he thought she was a bit too
naughty. She had another son here in Baltimore and he thought it was great that
his Mom had companionship and fun.

Her grandchildren from both sons thought she was quite modern and they were proud of her because she conducted her later years with pride in herself.

Bring home whoever you want if it makes you happy and do not worry what others think. They are not around in your life that often, that it
matters to you. Do what your heart tells you to do, get started, get it done
and it is the beginning of a new week, month and year. You have epic things to
accomplish and do not let the distractions distract you. You are you; you are
special, unique and hopefully kind and good. Focus on what you want. It will
happen and you will be proud of yourself.



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