Choose To Be A Quitter Or A Starter Of Another Opportunity

This is about choosing to quit or to choose to find a better alternative for a job, a hobby, or life in general.

I want to thank you for your columns. Every morning, I look forward to reading them; in fact, I often get depressed when a day goes by that I don't see your work. I hope you consider publishing them in a book, because I think it would be an instant bestseller. God bless you. J. Umbridge. This was written on The Towson Patch.com.

What a nice way to wake up and find this on my computer. I immediately wrote J. Umbridge a thank you back on the Patch.

I have been told before that I should put these stories in a book. If I ever did, I would do it probably on Kindle. It would be an honor to have it completed. I shall see

I heard this on a local talk show today. It was said “you don’t lose until you quit.” It is really very easy to quit. I once wanted to quit a medical procedure that I had prepared for. You have to prepare with over the counter pills, the day before. You all know which one I mean, if you are over fifty years of age. Twice I had to have this done in 99 and 06. Both times, there was terrible weather the day before and the day of it occurring. The first one in 1999 was a horrible snowstorm of about ten inches. As I was preparing to go to it at 830 AM in the morning, I called over at the doctor’s office, though it was done in the hospital. I asked the secretary did Doctor T. get there and she replied that everyone got there so far, the doctor, the patients, the secretarial help and the nurses. So off we went through the terrible snow and getting up the awful hill to the hospital. I got there, everything was fine and again in 2006, it was a worse prep day and it turned out to be sheets of ice. The doctor called to see if I wanted to cancel and I said NO. I wanted to get it over with and we would try the next morning to arrive. My husband put down plastic mats on the route to the car in the icy driveway. I once again made it and everything was fine. I felt proud that I got there in all the ice, snow and horrendous roads, driving there. The next time I am slated to go, you usually are told to get it done every five to seven or ten years; I will schedule it in the summertime. So I did not lose because I did not quit.

There are so many things that it is easier to quit and then you lose. We can have a job we dislike; so we quit and then we have lost that job. Many times, the next job will be better and we will be happier, so we did not lose even though we quit. Other times, we do something and quit and the ending is we have lost. However, we can undo the lost happening and it may work out better.

When we ballroom danced, our teacher for eight years left to go north and we took another teacher there at the studio. It worked out pretty well for a time and then we quit and instead of losing, we gained a fine coach who inspired us more. When I worked as I stated before, I quit the phone company job, got another one I did not like and quit and the third time was the charm as the expression goes. It was because of the two quitting events; I got a different job and I actually met my husband now of fifty-two years; because I made his acquaintance through someone that worked at job number three.

There is another saying that says “to the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders.” So if our mind remains too quiet, then we surrender our heart and soul, because we quit. The word quit means break off, desist, abandon and leave. We should never quit unless we think there is something else out there for us to improve upon in doing so. It is sometimes OK to hold on until another opportunity comes by to us.  Many times, we must quit for other reasons and hopefully it works out too. You must be able to distinguish to either quit, to stay, to lose and maybe to gain.

Either way you choose, you know what is best for you at this moment of thinking about it.

If you are fortunate, a superior opportunity will arise and your decision to leave is best for you. So let us eliminate the word quit which means to abandon/leave. Let us add the words start, begin, commence instead of quit. We then become beginners and new starters. To start something new is to have a promising and delightful happening and this is very worthwhile for our lives, regardless of our age.

Thank you J. Umbridge for your encouraging words and if I make your day happier, than I am the beneficiary of your kindness and I obtain ego growth. You are a fine person and if you enjoy my writings, I know you are very smart, sincere and quite good at expressing yourself. I know you are not a quitter; you are a continuous advocate of believing in happy thoughts and expressions.

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