Do You Miss Me, Yes I Miss You, But I Will Not Miss Out On Other Things

A story about missing someone, but not missing out on great things anymore


When my husband leaves to go grocery shopping or
miscellaneous shopping (Target, Sam’s Club, Walmart), he always asks me when he
comes home “did you miss me?” This is right cute since we are married fifty-two
years and six months and went


together for two years and nine months before our
marriage on July 5, 1960.


I imagine I should feel delighted he still wants me to
miss him. I do.


Also I miss being able to walk adequately, I miss my
ballroom dancing, since I do no walk well, I miss mall shopping because I
especially loved this holiday season and to see everyone so excited, nervous,
upset, hurrying a lot and being in deep rushing modes.


I miss being able to see my out of town grandchildren
every three weeks, because we all had colds, we had shots in knees and shoulders
and have not seen them for nine long weeks. I miss not smiling a lot because I
am missing lots of things.


So I decided this:


I will not miss more walking well because I am getting a
new shot (for me, been around for several years) and they come in sets of three.
You receive one every Thursday or the day your doctor is available, then the
next Thursday and finally the third Thursday. These shots have a good track
record (pun intended) for their recipient’s  patients and I hope I will be
in that statistical data soon. I will then be smiling a lot more because I will
be happier. I will attempt to ballroom dance one Sunday in early 2013, I will
get to a mall while the holiday shopping is still evident, and I will go during
the week, because there is less chance of them all being overly populated then. Lastly
but first in my mind, I will see my younger grandchildren next Sunday for


I will believe all of these things in my life, walking,
mall shopping, smiling, ballroom dancing, grandchildren visits will all reappear
in my life soon, if not sooner.


John Harbaugh the coach of our Ravens football team said
about a coming game “we will confront them, not be comforted beforehand.” I say
there are positively many possibilities.


There is a saying “never make someone your priority
while allowing yourself to be their option.” Be happy yourself and if others do
not like it, then let them be. Happiness is a choice and life is not about
pleasing everyone. These were said by anonymous.


Prill Boyle from Connecticut, an author herself, said I
inspire her and so I must say she inspires me, because she believes in we seniors
who reinvent ourselves accomplishing new hobbies and how we take on new
adventures, regardless of our now ages.


My new email Towson Patch reader J. Umbridge wrote to me
the following words “for me, your columns are like a roaring fire that brings
the clipper ship to shore amid stormy weather.”


There was a popular song in about the mid-fifties and it
was sung by Lena Horne and it was called Stormy Weather. I guess it is pretty
nice to be thought about of being like a roaring fire that helps a ship come
home in bad weather. This is an unusual type of compliment, but I accept it with
honor, because the reader J.U. meant, I guess, that someone by reading my  stories can feel safer and content in bad times.


My mother had a cousin who was very devoted to his first
wife, even though she was a very sloppy looking person, messed up steel wool
type of hair. Her clothes were messy and ill-fitting and she in general looked
slovenly. She was a sweet lady and always had something nice to say to you when
you visited her. Her house was sloppy looking and the two of them really were
devoted to one another. When she passed on, he married less than six months
later her younger sister who had been widowed when her children were quite young
and she had a hard time raising them economically. When husband number two came
along, he was actually her brother-in-law, he gave her all the material things
she never had and craved. She never thought for a minute that one day she would
have a wonderfully furnished home, jewelry, a bright new and expensive car and
many trips to exciting places here and out of this country. She adapted easily
and all was well with the new couple who were former brother-in-law and
sister-in- law. She had everything her sister never had or even desired. He would
have given it to number one, except number one did not even desire it though she
could afford it. Number one did not miss
anything; number two had all she had missed. They were two opposite siblings;
each in their own way was happy.


I was talking to a young girl of twenty-three at an
online store about a credit due me from her company. She was in Texas and told
me there they have a law, if you live together for six months and can prove it,
you are thought of legally as a common law whereas in other states, it used to
be a time of seven years. Either or way six months or seven years, the woman
seems to have some legal rights. Each one of us has the right to choose the way
we live, where we live and who we live with for whatever time we want to do


So I have decided that I will no longer be in the miss
column, I will be in the not missed column and the only time I will use the word
miss is to answer my husband of fifty-two years, when he asks me if I missed
him, I will surely exclaim I missed you. Other than that, I will not miss
walking better soon, I will visit my favorite mall, I will ballroom dance, I will
see the lovely grandkids next week and most of all I will smile more because I
will not have MISSED anything.

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Elita Sohmer Clayman December 04, 2012 at 10:04 AM
Hi, This is a good one that your readers will definitely get insight from and enjoy. In your last paragraph as you articulated your "I will not miss...........I actually saw you using my visualization techniques. Try it; as you say it, visualize yourself actually doing it. The more you do it, the easier it is to make it a reality. Good luck and let's keep dancing Steven Behr Wellness Educator (253) 686-9797


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