Dreams, Teams And Beams

An inspirational story on wishes, dreams and happenings.

They say “the difference between a dream and a wishful thinking is what you do today.”

Do you ever wake up and think “will this be a wonderful day, a so so day, or a terrible day?”

Many of us do and probably more do as seniors than young folks. Young folks can end a hard day at work or college and go out and really socialize until the late hours of the next morning. They can

come home, get a few hours of sleep and be revitalized for the coming day and perhaps do the same the same evening. We older people, usually can do one or the other, put in a full day at work or home and then

we do not go out for the evening except on the weekends.

My husband and I, in our early marriage days and with two small children too, usually had a social time every other weekend. He worked one weekend Saturday and Sunday, so I had to find things to do with the kids to keep

them occupied. Mom was living then, so I included her in our events, one of the days.


The kids got older and went their way with friends and I would drop them off to their designated fun and Mom and I would do something one of the weekend days. Then I was on my own. One Saturday afternoon, I drove out about twenty miles to a store way out on York Road, where a soap opera star was appearing for a visit. His name was Scott Bryce and he played as a character named Craig Montgomery (I have a good memory, but bad knees) and I stood in line like I

was a teenager waiting for Justin Bieber or an oldster waiting for George Clooney. When it was my turn, I told him how I had been watching him on TV for twenty years and how I adored him etc. He was very nice, very modest and very tall. On TV, he did not appear so tall and his character was surely a bad guy who was interrupting everyone’s life to get his way. It was a fascinating portrayal and we all were kept on the edge of our seats waiting for each episode of what he would do next. I was so excited to see him in person; he gave all of us an autographed to our name photo and I was on my way home the twenty or so miles to pick up my kids at their various engagements.

Once my husband took me to see another male star all the way out to the Marley’s Station mall which was about twenty-five miles each way from home. I stood in line for about thirty minutes and was thrilled to see Christian Le Blanc from The Young and the Restless and he was shorter than he looks on TV. He was very dear and I wished him then, about fifteen years ago, that he stay on the show forever and he said he hoped so.So the wish came true, because he is still on and he is more of a vital character than when I met him those many years ago.

Scott left the show and the show folded about two years ago because the head of CBS wanted the time slot for another show starring his wife, called The Talk. I had watched As The World Turns for fifty years and I was sad and angry at the head guy for doing this. We get attached to our stories as people get attached to their football teams. Speaking of them, I am now at seventy-eight years old enthralled with our football team, The Ravens. I have purple blouses, skirts, Raven gloves, and Raven necklaces and Ravens jackets. We all wear them on purple Fridays to celebrate our team.

Speaking of teams, it is beneficial to be a team of any kind. A team can be your family where you all do social things together like going to a football game, going to the theater, of course, going to a  social dance or getting together as a team family and having dinner for holidays or just dinner now and then as a family. Lots of people eat brunch together as a family after church on Sundays; others get together after synagogue on Saturday afternoons, after Saturday prayer services for lunch.

Mom use to come for dinner every Saturday evening after she had gone grocery shopping and to the hair salon and I would bring her to my house to spend Saturday afternoon.  She and I were a team along with my children, because my husband worked every other Saturday for many years; so he was not home. Sometimes, when the kids were small, they loved going to what was called then ‘the five and ten cent store.’ You really could not get much even in those days of about  1970 for  five or ten cents, but they had inexpensive books, coloring books and toys for about a dollar or so.The store was located next to a well-known delly store and we would go there for a hotdog, fries, hamburg dinner and a bowl of chicken soup. It was fun and it got Mom out for the day since she worked five days a week, after Dad died. She loved it and we loved being with her that day. Small things made us all happy in those days. There were no cellphones, IPods, Kindles, DVD’s or computers. I think back and I think we must have lived in the Middle Ages then.

We were happy with what we had  then and in 1974 we started to travel some and took the kids with us to various destinations, so that was delightful too.

Now days, there is so much to use like IPods, computers, texting, email and such, that the world is wider for us and easier to access.

So the difference between dreams and wishful thinking is that it is closer to us when we dream of things. We can go on the computer and see what we want about everything there is to desire. If you want to buy a new home, you type in the area on the computer and voila, there are all the homes for sale in that vicinity. You can look at every room in the house on the computer screen and see all that interests you without stepping foot in the home. When we were remodeling the kitchen two years ago, I could see every new appliance I desired on the company’s website and I was prepared with all the questions I wanted to ask about it and I knew the price in advance and I knew all its faults and all of its good points before stepping into the appliance store.

Someone found me on the computer by typing in his grandfather in-law’s name and he did this just for fun. Up popped a story I had written for the Towson Patch several months ago and I had mentioned this man’s name and the grandson found me and emailed a comment on the article and it was brought forward to me. He and I exchanged emails and I told him more anecdotes and stories on this man who I had worked for during 1952-1960.  So even friendships evolve from the computer, the Internet and from interesting meetings between people who live far away from you.

A lady J. Umbridge reads my Towson Patch stories and writes these wonderful comments to me.Now her pastor is going to use one of my articles called Dent for some of his Lent sermon in 2013.So Dent for Lent is a wonderful happening in my senior life.

So what you do today is the realization of a dream and wishful thinking. Go forward to get your realizations and make your dreams no longer wishful thinking, but they now become WISH AND FULL. A beam now is lighting up your life.

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Elita Sohmer Clayman November 27, 2012 at 08:14 PM
Excellent jeffrey N. Va. Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T
Elita Sohmer Clayman November 29, 2012 at 12:34 AM
Oh yes, I am a dreamer but I add a personal skill of visualization that compliments the dream so well. I actually see myself dancing, practicing, performing, speaking repetitively that assists in acquiring the skill. My high school track coach taught me this technique and it still works for me today. Let's keep dancing! Steven Behr Wellness Educator (253) 686-9797 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------


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