Get To Where You Need To Go And Defy Gravity At Any Age

A true story about what we have left in our lives to accomplish and excel in and become happier by doing these things. This is my # 100 story for Towson Patch. Wow.

This is my number one hundred article for Towson. Patch.com. It is a milestone. I have been writing for Towson since August 16th 2012, a little over three months. Before that, I wrote for Towson’s sister Patch, Hunt Valley Cockeysville Patch and that was with 246 articles. So there are a total of 346 articles and 3+4+6 = 13, which in some religions, is an excellent number. So here goes number 100 right now.

There is a saying that states that “think it’s too late to learn something new, think again”.  There is a book out by my friend (via the email) and it is called Defying Gravity. It is about people who in later life either changed professions or vocations or did something new at this  time in life. Prill herself participated in that and so have I.  Her full name is Prill Boyle and she is an excellent example of people over fifty, who engage in very interesting and smart things late in life. She is a very lovely looking lady of about fifty-eight and she is a mom, wife, daughter to her eighty-nine year old Mom and a grandmother too. She lives in Connecticut and she and I met over the Internet, when she was writing monthly about one person  who defied gravity and did something new in their life.She wrote Elita up a few years ago, about Elita's ballroom dancing and her writing these articles in various magazines and online too.

Two weeks ago I wrote an article called Rooms and in it, I mentioned the orthopedic doctor, Dr. David Buchalter who told me that if I did not do well walking through a room in a house, then there was always another room or door I could  walk  in too. He gave me a shot of Cortisone in the right knee and so far, it has not worked well at all. At that time he said “one day or another, you’ll get where you need to go. If the Cortisone doesn’t help, we’ll choose another door.”

This meant that he will keep trying until I am able to walk through the room and walk through with ease and out of pain.  This was based on the word room with the word life. Through Life, he figures and hopes, I will be walking again easily and without pain and he will try a newer, one a week shot for three weeks and see if this works when it is given in four weeks from the Cortisone shot.

I cannot ask for anything more than the word HOPE. With his guidance as to the medicine he will use, I am trying to avoid knee replacement surgery at all. If I am successful, than I will have Dr.Buchalter and also my physician assistant Dennis H. Myers to thank for me being able to walk normally and perhaps my dream of ballroom dancing becomes a reality. Dennis and David (two D’s) are my guiding lights towards finding the good light that will illuminate my walking ability.

I figure that I write all of these energizing, inspiring, encouraging and hopeful articles for others; perhaps it will come through for me.

We all must have the words of Defying Gravity that Prill wrote a book about and keep it in our constant section of our mind to show us we are capable people even at senior age, who think it never too late to learn something new and to excel doing it.

First of all, we can get an A just for thinking about doing it, another A for trying to do it, another A for doing it and finally an A Plus for accomplishing it with grace, honor and love.

All of you out there in Patchland, and if you are seniors, remember you can defy gravity, you can find another room or door, that you can enter successfully, you can learn something new and if not, you can choose another door to go through and you will make it and you will be happier and more content than never having tried it.

Think again and remember that 13 is a lucky number, not a bad luck number and set your goal to do at least 13 new things and even if you try one and it is not working out, there are twelve other things to try. Eventually, you will be walking through every door and every room of that house you call home and since home is where the heart is, your heart will be in a wonderful place. 2013 is coming real soon and note the number 13 mentioned here. It will be good for you, let us truly believe that and remember, it is not too late to learn something new and you will RENEW the spark in your life, because you will have defied gravity.

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Elita Sohmer Clayman November 30, 2012 at 12:09 AM
Thanks, Elita Clayman, for saying such lovely things about me. You continue to inspire me! Get To Where You Need To Go And Defy Gravity At Any Age towson.patch.com A true story about what we have left in our lives to accomplish and excel in and become happier by doing these things. This is my # 100 story for Towson Patch. Wow.
Elita Sohmer Clayman November 30, 2012 at 12:17 AM
Thanks Prill Boyle for your comments written here
Elita Sohmer Clayman November 30, 2012 at 04:11 AM
Great Piece Barbara Hope Culver City, California


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