In The Palm Of Our Hand And Who Will I Play With?

A sad and unbelievable event that is so tragic, it takes hold of all of us and makes us cry.

“Life is like an ocean of sand. It will always slip through your fingers and always slip away from you. There will, however, be a small
part that stays in the palm of your hand. Be thankful for that.”

This is from an unknown writer. It is posted the day after the Connecticut tragedy, where twenty small children and six adults lost their lives by a disturbed shooter
who came into their school. The principal and a psychologist were also slain.
The survivors would have gone for comfort and solace to the psychologist; her
family is now grieving too.

We ask and will continue to ask why did this happen. All of us who are parents and grandparents and also everyone else cannot comprehend
the devastation of these actions which will remain with us forever. The school
children will have for many years’ feelings of sadness, being scared and not
feeling secure for a long time.  I remember in World War 11 when I was about seven or so, the air raid drills, the dark shades under the normal colored shades adorning the home’s windows and how
we were taught to get on the floor and crouch down when we heard the siren
blasted in the school for an oncoming raid or test. I can still hear the
screech of the siren and it is seventy years later. We were scared because we
had to do these things and to be prepared, but nothing did happen to us personally during the whole period of the war. We were scared to be away from our parents and our homes. Our security in our minds was always frightened if we were not with our family.

These children will find it hard to smile again and to become children again. One little boy who lost his beloved sister said “who
will I play with now?” An innocent question from an innocent child, who just
had his life turned upside down and inside out in several tragic minutes.
Another child described the horror and said how her teacher saved all “twenty
of us.”  The brave teacher ushered them
into a bathroom, moved a bookcase to enclose them in there and she made sure
they did not utter a sound and all were saved. Another teacher Vickie Soto was
shot in front of the students after she had moved them to the far end of the
room and the shooter came in and shot her in front of them and she is believed
to be gone. The little boy told how he loved her so much. She saved the kids’ lives
as they ran out as he was shooting Vickie.

All of this is not believable if it had been written in a story and the madness is unbelievable to comprehend.

We who are fortunate and have our kids and grandchildren near to us, safe and sound, who are looking forward to next week and Christmas
and to the rest of their lives should be thankful and joyful it did not happen
to us and our community. The loss of a child should never happen in our lives,
they always say we should never bury our children, they bury us. That is the
norm, which should be and must be.

Our prayers should be directed to the siblings of the surviving children in the school and to their bereaved parents. Their grief
will never subside and as one Columbine survivor just said on television who
survived that massacre many years ago and who now is a parent herself said “it
never leaves you” and it was brought up today to her when this happened.

My late friend’s daughter just sent me a Christmas card today and she told of what happened to her, her husband and her eleven year old
daughter during the Hurricane Sandy Storm on Monday October 29th. The
winds were strong and they had lost power and a 100 year old oak tree toppled
and smashed through the main level of their home. They were in the basement and the tree fell through their daughter’s room and several other rooms took down the carport and pinned down two automobiles. Rain came in through the open roof and great damage occurred. They are grateful they survived and there is a long process of dealing with insurance companies and rebuilding. They are renting a home nearby and the work will take almost nine months. They survived and they are lucky.

In Connecticut, their hearts are broken, their lives are changed forever and the visions of their lost children and the adults who are gone will be visible in their minds and hearts forever.

My friend’s daughter and her family are lucky because it was only building damage and lost possessions which can be rebought and rebuilt.

The little brother who said “who will I play with” will miss his sister with all his heart and when he has children of his own, he will tell them all about her who would have been their aunt.

So much has been lost there in Connecticut, we who are here safe and sound, no matter how we mourn for these people we never knew, will
never know the existing pain. We can give them in our hearts prayers that
somehow they will eventually heal some and that they will be able to go on and
forward for their remaining children and family.

In the palm of our hand, the remaining life, like the sand will remain. We will honor them and love them and never will we ever forget




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Elita Sohmer Clayman December 18, 2012 at 04:33 PM
Lovely words and touching thoughts. Dennis H.Myers


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