Karma, Kindness And Karing (Caring) Elita Sohmer Clayman

Some interesting acronyms to live by.

Somehow several months ago, Verizon could not fix my computer woes and they told me to call Hewlett Packard who made it. HP told me to call a number and I assumed it was a technical support of theirs. I got someone immediately.

In India they were and they could fix the problem and it would cost about 100 per hour or I could buy a policy for 170 for the whole year and I could have all the support I needed.

I had bought one once before from HP and it worked well for the one year and
Verizon was around for all the other problems, so I never renewed the HP again.
So I was desperate because if my computer is sick, so am I. I paid the 170 via
credit card and they fixed it fine and I never had to use it again since I
bought it. I got notified from them, it is called iYogi, small I, that there were
some viruses around and I needed to do a checkup with them. It took 57 minutes
and the computer works better than ever, since they did some cookie thing (not
Oreos) and other elimination of unnecessary things on there. I was extremely
satisfied and he said he was in India and he and I chatted during the cleaning
up procedure.

He told me he was born in India, went to school in Russia and English was his first language and Russian his second. He said it was about twelve hour’s difference in our times, it was 2 pm here and 2 am there. I told him he spoke English quite fluently and he was happy with my compliment. Several times he told me that it was karma that he and I got together to do this .Cute it was to hear that and when we were finished, he said goodbye and good karma He said Yogi, meant prayers.

Karma which meant the deeds of the person is determined by their destiny and
influenced by past, present and future experiences. Karma is the universal law
of cause and effect, he said.

All of this sounds pretty good for words reaching our ears. Our egos need nurturing and when talking to someone and they hang up and say good karma to you, it is nice.

One of my columns was used for a Wellness Education class in the Seattle, Washington area. Another one will be used in a church sermon for Lent 2013. Another one may be used by a Juilliard graduate pianist and he may write a piece of music and use some of my words. So this is pretty good karma for my ego.

All of us need some ego stroking, more quite often, as we age. We need to feel we are not at a standstill because of age. If someone we meet says to us “you look good.” I always say “so do you.” If someone says “you look very pretty today”, I always say “so do you”. It does not cost anything to say something pleasant and
perhaps you made the person feel a bit better about their self.

My husband had an obnoxious aunt. When she would see you out somewhere, she would make a snippy comment. She herself was quite ugly, skinny and had a lined face. I did not like her one minute after I met her. After I was married a few years, she saw us somewhere and said to me “you look like you lost weight.” I had and she said “what size do you wear now?” I looked at her and said “I wear a small size.”
Off we were in a hurry to get away from her. Once when out with a friend who
had a little boy who was a bit heavy, not much, he was quite handsome and
adorable; a lady on the elevator next to us said “my, he is chubby.” My friend
answered quickly “my husband and I do things in a big way.” The child was only
nine months old.

Obnoxiousness should breed bad karma. If your excellent deeds are determining your success at good karma, which thrives on our destiny and the influence of past, present and future experiences; then I would rather be involved with deserving deeds.

There is a senior center here called Bykota. It is an acronym meaning Be Ye Kind One To Another. BYKOTA is a fine word.

I love that acronym, we should all live by it and surely, we will have good
karma all the time.

An acronym for Karma could be KMA. Kindness Means Always. Therefore to you, I wish Bykota and KMA,  kindness means always and you surely will receive good karma,because you deserve it. (BYDI)

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Elita Sohmer Clayman December 02, 2012 at 06:25 PM
elita,,the article is wonderful..thank you so much for your articles about my darling melinda...
Elita Sohmer Clayman December 02, 2012 at 06:27 PM
Excellent on Karma Jeffrey Northern, Virginia
Elita Sohmer Clayman December 14, 2012 at 06:05 PM
yes,I read the article. love it and love you, too, my friend!! Melinda Press


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