Mosaics Of Life And How We Should Always Tell Our Loved Ones, We Love Them

A nice and just happened story on a policeman's act of kindness to a stranger, a homeless man and how we can all appreciate what we have now.

A random act of kindness is a nice line to write about. An extremely great and random act of kindness occurred this week in New York City when Officer Larry DePrimo saw a homeless man with no shoes

On, in the extreme cold weather of that day. Some people walked by and made fun of him. The wonderful police officer offered to buy him a pair of sox, he declined and said “God bless you officer.” The policeman asked him his shoe size and he went into

the shoe store and bought him a pair of expensive warm boots. The clerk gave him his employee discount to save the office some money. No one would have known about it, but an out of town visitor caught it on her camera. Her name is Jennifer Foster and the pictures are all over the Internet. They call this a random act of kindness. It is more of an important act of not only kindness, but of love for a fellow human being who is down and out at this time.

The officer was on the Fox channel television and he is a dear and devoted soul for humanity. They had also via split screen the lady who witnessed it and videoed it and now the world knows of a decent and valuable human being helping one less advantaged than all of us.

Random means casual and by chance. By chance, this heartwarming incident will make the rounds of millions of people viewing this on the Internet and if one more person in one thousand persons picks up on this and does one random act of kindness from seeing this; then the world will be blessed hundreds of times more.

I remember that once I came across, I do not exactly remember how, a homeless person, not seeing him in person, but somehow knew about him, probably from a newspaper article. Somehow, I learned he loved to draw and I sent him art pads, colored pens and crayons and a pair of gloves, scarves and flannel shirts. He was staying in a homeless facility, so I had the address and shipped it to him. I hoped he would receive it and that no one would steal it from him. He wrote me a thank you note and drew me a picture from a sheet on the art pad and blessed me one hundred times. I kept sending him a package every month until one day, it was returned saying he no longer lived there. I kept the drawing for many years and somehow it got lost in the stuff I have.

Maybe one day I will find it and his name was George. He never told me his shirt size, so I guessed and I imagine what I sent fitted him and kept him warm for many days. I know he treasured the art supplies and in a note told me that one of his fellow roommates there had tried to steal it from him. He grabbed the fellow and told him “my friend sent this to me, it is mine.” Yes, indeed, he and I were friends via the post office delivering the picture he drew for me and the clothing and art supplies I sent him.

I was sorry he left and perhaps, he got out of there and was able to get himself into a better life, where he was always warm and able to draw. He drew very well and I know the simple random act of kindness I chose to bestow on him meant as much as receiving the art supplies, as the possession of warm clothing.

So to Officer Larry DePrimo, accolades are deserved by you for your golden random act of kindness and you can feel warm yourself, because you gave this man the warmth of the boots and sox and the gentleness of your kind heart. The police commissioner sent to Larry his pair of shirt cuff jewelry and on it is the word “commissioner” because the chief of police is so proud of one of his officers. He joked that “now he will have to purchase some cuffed shirts that require the cuff links.”

“No one knows how long they or anyone they love will be here on Earth. With the approaching holidays, I hope you will consider making this year the one where you really slow down and take time to cherish all those special people who your soul has invited to be part of your life’s circle.”  These words written by Melinda Press of Tampa,Florida on her Facebook page and are golden words by a young woman who has had some health problems and she overcame them and is happy to be healthy and alive.

I met her through the Internet and her mom Phyllis Press and I knew each other as pre-teens growing up here in Baltimore. Somehow through the magic of Google and the computer, Phyllis found me on the Internet and we became email pals. Melinda is her daughter and she herself is an example of acts of kindness. She writes a lot on her Facebook about love, life and being kind and caring to everyone. She is right no one knows what will happen tomorrow, so always say I love you to those you love.

I remember last February; we decided to eat out at the diner we frequented. Our friend of several years was now working there; we had helped him to get employment there when he was laid off his former job. We usually did not go out on Monday evenings, but this time, I am thankful we did. This was the final time we would see John Scott because he passed away three days later. That night he was not our server; but he came over to talk with us. It was the last time we would ever see him and he was happy he had a new job and was thinking about going back to get a college degree and become a nurse. I encouraged him in his quest for a better profession and for the first time since we knew him for about six years; he took my hand and shook it.

I will never forget the feel of his hand shaking mine and I know that I and we were good friends through the six years we knew him from the restaurants we had visited and he was the assistant manager. We exchanged holiday gifts and I gave him advice on his furnishing his new home. In fact, he put up these decoration pieces on the wall of his dining room, metal scrolled ornaments and he emailed me a photo of them. I loved them so much; I ordered a set and installed them on the outside entrance to my dining room. Now as I walk by each day, I view them and think of him. We did not get a chance to say goodbye, he was gone in a few hours; but the ornaments on the room and the handshake will always be with me and us.

So apply Melinda Press’ words to your daily living and Melinda herself is happy, healthy and has a new man in her life and the two of them are a picture of love, contentment and joy and it shows that there are happy endings or shall I say happy beginnings to so much in life.

Appreciate each morsel of delight and health and remember that life is a journey, a mosaic of living and its beautiful actions that turn into blessed memories.

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Elita Sohmer Clayman November 30, 2012 at 11:56 PM
Awesome. JAC N. Va,
Elita Sohmer Clayman December 01, 2012 at 02:01 PM
It's wonderful that your contributions are being recognized and passed on to others and helping them through some troubled times or possibly just providing some enlightenment and encouragement at a time it's needed. I think that kind of recognition is helpful in you feeling that all your effort is worthwhile, Elita. Jim Dewey Savage Md. On 11/30/2012 10:45 PM, elitajerrydancing@verizon.net wrote: Did I tell you this? One of my stories is going to be used by a pastor in church for Lent 2013. Another was used by a Wellness Educator in Seattle Washington a few weeks ago for his class with seniors The third one will be used by a Juilliard music pianist, he is going to write a music piece and use my words. Wow, nice Jewish old senior and her words used in Church. You will be saying soon, you know me. Ha
Elita Sohmer Clayman December 02, 2012 at 03:07 PM
elita,,the article is wonderful..thank you so much for your articles about my darling melinda... phyliss press
Melinda December 07, 2012 at 12:11 AM
beauitful article...thanks so much Elita!! Love you my friend..<3


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