Nine Words To Add To Our Lives

Some words to live by and they should encourage your attitude on life to be more productive and to love by too.

Take them one by one. Hugs are so sweet, between husband and wife, between Mom and the kids, Mom and her Mom and Dad, between friends, between lovers and whoever you want to hug.

Smiles make you feel good. Even if you do not love your teeth, still smile, a
smile goes a long way to make someone happy. Friends are sometimes closer to
you than some family members. Friends are there to support you emotionally and
you to them. Kisses need no descriptions. Family is what we all strive for and
we hope to have family members for the rest of our lives. Sleep we all need to
revive ourselves from being tired and fatigued. Babies are smart to know that
from the moment they are born. Love is what makes the world go round and
laughter is a partner to a smile. Good memories keep us warm and we are happy
to recollect them. This is an important little picture. The drawings are
childish but this is a good thing.

Children are so innocent in their thoughts and they most of the time say what they
think. This is cute and symbolic of what we should adhere to often. Children
come up with cute and smart sayings. There used to be a television show in the
fifties called “Children Say The Darndest Things”. It was the creation of a guy
named Art Linkletter. He would sit down with the youngsters and ask them simple
questions and they would talk about things they knew at home and school.

Once he asked the question of “what does your Mommy do all day while you are in school?” This little boy of about seven replied “she and her friend John kiss
and go to sleep.” Art was shocked and it was a live show and in those days we
did not talk about infidelity, unmarried mothers, pregnancy, birth control or
anything relative to sex. People were stunned and everyone talked about it for
weeks. Times have changed.

So let us have laughter, nice smiles, love, family, kissing, sleep, memories, hugs and our good friends a constant in our daily lives.

When your baby smiles at  you for the first time,
you want to hug him or her, you spread them with kisses, you love them so much
more than you ever thought was possible, you smile back, they are your new
family member, you love to hear them laugh and often wonder why they did laugh,
good memories are just beginning, you love to watch them sleep and you watch
them to see if they are breathing and you hope you are their best friend and
their parent too.

So let us remember these simple words and try to incorporate them in our daily lives.

There is a young girl about nine years of age who has been nominated in her first movie for an Oscar at the Academy Awards soon to take place. She was on the morning show today and she was interviewed by Ann Currie. Ann said to her “you are a triple threat. Do you know what that means?” She replied “that means I am three in one.” Her name is Quvenzhane Wallis and she is the youngest actress to be nominated in the best actress category.

She is brilliant in this movie and her saying she is a three in one person, can give
us a good example of how to feel about ourselves most of the time. Let us look
into the mirror and see who we really are. Even if your hair is not celebrating
best hair day, realize that you are a great person, have accomplished much in
your life, there is still much more to enhance your life with regardless of
your now age, you are a good person, you are a faithful person and most of all
you are unique, as we all are and we are meant to be that way. So with all of
these characteristics, we are really a six in one person.



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