Paca is Power, Ability,Capacity, Attitude.Use It In You Life

The world did not end on Friday the 21st, we are here ready and able to continue on living with spirit and confidence.

“The end of the world which was scheduled for December 21, 2012 has been postponed to 3012 due to some technical problems.  Please cooperate and continue to live with
spirit and keep smiling.” This is an email going around today. Feel free to
send it your friends, so they will know what is going on today.

So since this did not happen and will not until 3012, please find time to do what you love to do and do it today.

Les Brown said “power, you got the power to turn your situation around. You got the power to create success, have great experiences and abundance.”

Power means ability, capacity and attitude. You have thability to try and to do anything you may think is not available to you and you give yourself the capacity to try something new.  If your attitude is in the positive mode; you
have the chance to conquer what you desire regardless of the state of your life
now. You probably think you might be in a standstill and you are locked into
what there is at the present. You can change that and you can walk around with
the poise that tells you, you are able, willing and competent.

I know a woman who when you look at her, you think she is just an office worker doing an ordinary job in an ordinary setting. When I see
her, I am sometimes fascinated by the way she is content with her life and all
that she does. She is divorced twice, so those episodes in her life were not
too successful; but she holds her head high, she is coiffed nicely and she
dresses adequately and on Ravens Fridays in the fall and winter time, she wears
her Raven garb with high hopes as we all do, that they will win this week. She
works a second job after the first job several nights a week and she therefore
has some extra money to do things she wants to do and may not be able to with
only the salary of the first job.

I admire her attitude, because she has enabled herself with the power, that she can do things, get things and enjoy everything she is
involved in. She has the capacity to make things happen in her world and she
has the ability to gain what she wants and she is doing it without a husband to
help finance these objects she desires.

My aunt had a sister (no relation to us) who was unmarried way back when I was a kid. She was able to obtain very interesting jobs that
took her to faraway places at a time when we did not travel to those distant
spots like we all do now. She got a very nice job in Mexico and she was there
for about a year through our government. So she was a government worker and she traveled in some capacity in her job and she really enjoyed it.She had the
ability to do the work and her attitude was that she would do a great job
because she knew she was capable in this work. She returned after the year’s
work in Mexico and then she was sent to another country where she did this
work, still for the government. Along the way during one of these stints in a
job, she met a man who was doing this type of work too and they got married and
then they both retired to come back to this country and live more normal and
softer lives. When she was going to the first job in Mexico, her older, married
sister tried to dissuade her from going there. She used the excuse that their
old Mom needed her here. She told the sister that she was capable and had the
ability to help old Mom out for the year and she would not miss this
opportunity. The sister’s attitude was used because she did not want the whole
burden of looking after their mother and she felt the single one should stay
and attend to it too.  She tried to stop
the single sister; but the younger one knew that this is what she required in
her life and she did not let the other woman deter her.

If she had not gone, she would never have met her husband and even though it was late in her life; they had a wonderful time of being
together for the years they had left. You know what, her mother was delighted
she had found someone and she was fine and lived a long life and her joy was
seeing that this daughter through her capable attitude had gained the ability
to change her life. The old lady was so delighted that finally her daughter
earned what she deserved and was finally happy and she had urged her to go to
these foreign jobs and to get away from her hum-drum life.

The old mother was wise, competent and capable and she was thrilled her single daughter found a husband. The interesting thing was that
when she was single and this is way back in 1944 or so, she tried to buy a
house and they would not OK it because she was single. In those days, you had
to have a spouse to try and buy a house and if you were young and of child
bearing age, they would not count the woman’s salary into the loan because she
could get pregnant and not work. They had all kinds of rules and deterrents for
single women. My dad was the real estate agent and somehow with his power of persuasion,
he was able to get her a loan and she was able to purchase her home. After she
bought it, she married and they shared the home together.

In anything you attempt, there are many times people out there try and stop you from achieving your dreams and desires. Say no to these folks,
you do not need them in your life.

Be confident in your ability, capacity and keep your attitude positive. You have the power to create and keep your success. It will
be a great experience and your life with be abundant with joy, new times, happy
hours and most of all the euphoria you deserve at whatever age you are now.
Remember age is only a number and since I was always excellent in numbers and
math; my age of seventy-eight and a half still keeps me going with great hope.
Yesterday Macaroni Grill sent me an email saying ‘happy half birthday, Elita,
you have waiting for you a free dessert with any meal.’ So if Macaroni Grill
wants to reward me for my half birthday occasion (June 21st-December
21st) and the world did not come to the end on that half date; wow
oh wow, I am going to do something real special for me for my half birthday. I
will think of that and let you know in the next article.

Remember these words: power is ability, capacity and attitude.  PACA.  I made up a new word. Remember it and let it
lead you up the path of living with spirit and keep on smiling.



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