Peach Trees And All Of The Nominees Of The Dr. Ben Carson Scholarships

This story is dedicated to all of the Dr.Ben Carson Scholarship kids all over the state who earned this delightful award and they will have this accompiishment day in April 2013.

There comes a time in life when you walk away  from all the drama and people who create it. Surround yourself with people who make you laugh, forget the bad and focus on the good. Love the people who treat you right and pray for the ones who don't. Life is too short to be  anything but happy.Falling down is part of life and  getting back up is living.

This is a very apropos saying I found on my friend Diana Ragonese Mitchell’s Facebook. If you have friends or even family who try to put you down
with saying something derogatory; then slip them out of your space. In
psychology class I learned that we are all entitled to our own space and it is
not to be crowded with naysayers. We should envelope our lives with happy people who make us feel contented
and important. We do the same to them.

I know of a very sweet doctor and she goes out of her way to be pleasant, smiling and happy whenever you are in her presence.You do not
dread going for an eye checkup. You feel as if you are going to visit a friend
for two hours. The office is always late, but that is agreeable. When I was a
kid, we had several peach trees in the back yard area. Mom would make peach
pies, peach jelly, peach cake and you know what, I never eat peaches because I
had so much of them. Peaches are a lovely fruit. There is a saying about
peaches. Here goes:” Go toward the
peach tree, which has sprung to life. It has become lush green by the command
"Be!" Beneath its shade all your needs will be fulfilled. Such is
divine alchemy that the crooked become straight.Its roots are firm in the earth,
its branches in the sky."

Some people are like the fruits of a tree. Peaches are sweet and juicy. When you eat a peach, you have consumed a lovely fruit and people who like pies like Mom did, can make a tasty dessert from fresh peaches. They can make jelly too like Mom did. Some persons are like a peach and there is an expression that says “this is peachy.” It probably means that whatever they are talking about is sweet like a peach. Of course we know some people who are like lemons. Need I say more on lemons.

Others are like apples, strong, solid and some are tart and some are sweet. Dad
use to peel an apple, never ate the skin and he did it with a clean pen knife
he kept for apple peeling. He peeled into a round circle going round and round
and it looked like a hopscotch we use to draw on our front pavement of the
house and we would hop onto the squares and throw down a old heel of a shoe to
mark our place of attaining the winning goal. We use to go to the shoemaker
repair shop and he would give us kids old heels to use. Now I think, how dirty
these heels were and ugh; but that is how we kids in the forties passed the
time and had fun. We did not have television sets, ipods, cellphones, DVD
players or video games.We played simply and pleasantly and we were satisfied.

Some people are like red cherries. Cherries are mainly sweet, some maybe a bit sour, but overall nice to pop in your mouth and with a bite or two, it is gone except for the pit or seed. Cherry people are in and out of your life in a moment, sweet when there, gone in an instant.

We use to take a peeled banana and freeze it for a few hours and enjoy it. We use to take an ice tray with its many slots and pour chocolate milk in them and instead of making ice cubes, we made chocolate milk cubes to munch on during a hot day, when we had no air conditioners in our life yet.

We had many ways to entertain ourselves that the children now days would laugh about if we
suggested they do what we did back in the ‘olden days of the forties.’

So if you choose one day to be like a delicious piece of fruit, probably make it a peach, because you will be sweet, good and fresh. Surround yourself with people who make you laugh, make you happy and   they appreciate your
qualities and you do the same for them.

Life is like a bowlful of cherries is the expression in our time. Make it sweet, not tart, make it good, not bad and make it feel delicious as you consume life each and every day.

"Its roots are firm in the earth, its branches in the sky."  That is the peach tree that can be like your life, roots firm in your home, branches reaching to the sky
and all of your days should be sunny, good and worthwhile. The branches are
you, your children, your parents if alive and most of all, you who are the
solidness of their lives and your own life.

My young friend Diana Ragonese Mitchell is the proud parent of an eighth grader. Santina Mitchell was nominated from her middle school to
be a Dr. Ben Carson Scholar. These nominees are proficient in their scholarly
grades and other activities. They excel in all of this and one student from
each grade and or school is nominated and approved to be the recipient of the
Carson awards. It is a great honor and Dr. Carson who is a renowned pediatric
surgeon known throughout the world usually speaks at the dinner for the
scholars and their family and friends. My husband Jerome and I are invited to
watch the lovely Santina be a part of this awards dinner at Martin’s West in
April. Of course, Elita will write up this event in a future Towson. Patch.com
article. It is a delightful event for us to look forward to.

I remember when my son Jeffrey graduated from high school; he received numerous awards at an award ceremony. The last award presented was
an unusual one for those times of 1983. Each of the elementary schools in the
area awarded about one hundred dollars or thereabouts to the outstanding
graduating class member who had attended their elementary school. I had never
heard of this award and I was recording the ceremony on an audio cassette
recorder. We had no video cameras or any way to record the ceremony in those
days. I turned on my cassette recorder and recorded the whole ceremony for
future remembrances. As they came to announce who had won the outstanding
former student of the Wellwood Elementary School, my hand went to turn it off
because the tape was at its end and I did not want it to make a noise and I did
think that Jeffrey could win it, but yet there were many outstanding kids back
then in the elementary school and so the pool was thick with great kids then.

Just as they were announcing the name, the recorder went off and I heard them say Jeffrey Alan Clayman and I was startled and Jeffrey was
sitting in the front row where the award graduates were and he just sat there
and he did not hear or notice his name was it. I pulled myself together, gave
him a punch on the back because we as family were in the second row and I said “that is you.”

So when happy times prevail and we are part of them, then that is you in a meaningful set of words Life is indeed like a bowlful of sweet
cherries, delicious peaches and apples that are peeled into delightful rounds
of life. The rounds of life completely go around and around and we never know
which day will be the sweetest of all.

So to all the Carson scholars as these chosen kids are called and my young thirteen year old friend Santina Mitchell, may you all be
on your way as being Carson Scholars and may you all, whoever you are all over
the city and county and state who are nominated for your inspiring deeds and
scholarship; go forth from this coming April day and be strong like the peach
tree and bring forth continued fruits of your work.

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Elita Sohmer Clayman January 17, 2013 at 05:13 PM
Wow! That was beautiful! Thanks so much! I will send to Santina! Diana Ragonese Mitchell Sent from my HTC smartphone on the Now Network from Sprint!
Elita Sohmer Clayman January 17, 2013 at 05:17 PM
Good one..I remember that Jeffrey N.Va Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T


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