Scared Moments And Courage And Grace Prevail

True happenings by real people who accomplish even when the odds are against them.

I have never watched an episode of American Idol. The other night I wanted to get the weather early, so I tuned in to the Fox station at
about 950. On there was a young fellow about twenty-one years of age, very nice
looking and when he began to talk he stuttered a lot. He could hardly get the
words out to tell about himself. He was asked by the judges to tell about his
talking. He tried to and the words were stuck in his throat. My heart hurt for
him, so handsome, so sweet and so sad were the emotions I felt. Mariah Carey
talked gently to him and they showed his Mom who spoke in Spanish and she told
how this happened when he was about six and they lived in Cuba. They came to
this country when he was about ten and no one could help him medically. He had
no friends because of this and he turned to music. When he wanted to tell his
Mom something he sang it to her.

It seems that when he sings, there is no stuttering. I had heard of this before in another instance and the minute he started to sing, I
knew he would be perfect. Perfect could not even describe his singing and his
face while doing it. They unanimously voted him in and the tears poured down
his darling face and he went over to Mariah and hugged her. It was something to
see and he certainly deserved to get the go ahead for the next level.

I went online and there were the next day articles written about him and also the talking and the singing perfectly five minutes video of him singing

His name is Lazaro Arbos and I will follow this young man through his subsequent performances on the show.

I felt blessed that I had turned this on at the moment he came on the show. I heard the other day on one of my soap opera stories this
comment “there are one thousand harmonizing details.” The actor was talking
about things that had happened in his life. It seems to me that harmonizing
details could apply to Lazaro.

First of all, that he can sing without stuttering and I knew it would happen as soon as I heard him stuttering. I had a friend who had an
older brother who stuttered like Lazaro and when I went to visit her, he use to
go upstairs, so he would not have to talk in front of her friends. It was sad.
I never forgot him and he grew up and he married, but he never lost the
stuttering, though it lessened some as he aged.

You must agree that for him even to attempt to come on this show Idol in the first place took a lot of courage. John Wayne said “courage is being scared to death and saddling up anyway.” Hemingway said “courage is grace under pressure.” These two sentiments sum it up quite well.

We all have these scared moments whether we are young or old. When I am scared, I envision that it already
happened, that I conquered it and that I am glad I did whatever was scaring me
and ultra-glad it is over. Envisioning the outcome helps to get over the
incoming event.

There are seeds of kindness in
most people and the other night, all four judges found it in their hearts to
show this talented young man that people will be his friends. I am sure the
audience stood up to show their appreciation and his tears streaming down his
face were tears of such love, happiness and support in what he had

It was five minutes of the sunshine of greatness that shined on all who watched this performance. I have
never watched this show and I often heard how the judges bicker among themselves.
There was no arguing or sparring or debating. There was overall appreciation of
what this young man attempted to do and was so perfect achieving.

In her book, Prill Boyle wrote “Whether we’re in the first flowering of adulthood or the autumn of our lives, most of
us long to do something that energizes us and fills us with joy. We hope to
make a difference, to leave a seed of ourselves behind to germinate in future
generations. Convinced that it’s impractical, even childish to listen to our hearts,
we travel far from our desire that when it speaks to us, we no longer recognize
the sound. But following the call of our heart is not a luxury reserved for a
select few. It is our birthright.” Her book is called Defying Gravity.

This young man was not in advanced adulthood, he is a young adult with a speech impediment and somehow he
is leaving a seed of himself for all of us to see. He listened to his heart and
traveled to be able to sing even though speaking about it is a real hardship.
He knew it was his birthright as Prill explains and I am thankful that I heard

This shows all of us, that no matter what there is in our life, if we think we have that special something
that we possess, whether it be a lovely voice, the ability to paint a picture,
to write a story or a book, to play tennis, to ballroom dance with bad knees,
to sing when we stutter, then we should go for it and do it at once, while the
desire and the will is strong in our hearts.

The sunshine of greatness shall be bright even on a gloomy day. There are one thousand harmonizing details and
if we take just one of them out and elaborate on it, we can show ourselves that
we can do anything we want, even if something is trying to hold us back.

The sunshine will take hold of our talent, our desire, our caring and it will give us the will and desire to
complete what we want. As John Wayne said to saddle up, we can ascend up and
rise beyond anything that is in our way.

When Lazaro makes his first CD, I will buy it and listen to it and always remember that if we have courage, we
can do anything we want regardless of age, hindrances or obstacles. As Prill
said “follow the call of our heart.”

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Elita Sohmer Clayman January 24, 2013 at 03:08 AM
Loved this, Elita. Very inspiring! Just posted a link on both my FC business/fan page and Twitter. Thanks! xoxo Prill Boyle,Connecticut


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