Soft Touches Of Love For The New Year

A list of things for the New Year and include some soft touches of love on it.

One of the fathers of the slain children in Sandy Hook, Connecticut said about his daughter who is gone “Her kind soul cheered up those
who loved her.” She was only 6 or 7 years old and she already was possessed of
a kind soul. What a child and what a loss. Her name is Emilie Parker.

Her family and friends had her whole heart and now that she is gone, they have the memories and the pictures and if lucky some videos to see her beautiful smile and her wholesome attitude. She will be missed so much, but she will live in their own hearts.

There is an expression that we should think happy and we will be happy. That is not always possible, but it is a good thought. They say if you smile a lot, you will feel good.

When I was getting last Thursday, my third weekly shot out of three total shots for my aching Arthritic knee, the doctor said as he was
giving it to me “pinch.” I said what does that mean and he said “it can mean
what you want it to mean.” So I thought real quickly as the needle was going
into my skin, I will think this does not hurt a lot. It was over in two seconds
and he is a good needle giver.

Sometimes we pinch ourselves literally if something good is happening to us and we think is this a dream? A light pinch for sure and when
babies are babies, sometimes, people like to give them a pinch or a squeeze,
which is possibly a squeeze or pinch of love. It can hurt some and the bearer
does not like it.

So instead of a pinch, let us give a soft touch of love, a hug, a kiss, a meaningful look to show we are happy they are in our life.

Let us think as this New Year arrives this coming Monday night, that some of the best days of our lives haven’t happened yet. There are
still some very wonderful events that can occur to us as individuals and if we
want we can make a list of what we would like to come to us. I am big on making
lists. I make a list of the things I have to do each day and during the whole
week. I make shopping lists of what I need in the grocery store. I make lists
of gifts I have to give during the year, not only at December holiday time. I
make lists of all these articles I write because after 465 articles for The
Patch, and even with my excellent memory, I forget what is said in them. So I
list them in a book and write a three line summary of what they were all about.
So if you are a list lover or doer, like me, make a list for the New Year, not
of resolutions, but of absolute new ideas you want to believe in, new things
you want to attempt, new places you may want to visit and new things you want
to eat to lessen the load of calories you may be consuming thus far.

Tonight, I go back to Weight Watchers to see how much weight I have lost in 20 days since I started the program over again. As you age, you
do not lose the weight as quickly and the medical persons say it is not too
great to lose too fast. I never bothered with that and I always lost it fast.
This time, it is slower and I believe it will be about eight pounds in 20 days.
So that is good and it is better than gaining eight pounds, which is easier to
accomplish than to lose it. This is OK and I feel lighter and it is great for
that aching knee mentioned above. So with all my lists that I excel in making,
the losing weight list is the most important one for today. I did not indulge
in the holiday dinner any sweets which is my downfall. I figure I am ‘sweet

So to be slim again is a wonderful expectation for the New Year and most of all we should all be content that we are here, we are happy
most of the time, our health is pretty good, our kids and grandkids are
healthy, here and happy; and most of all we are present for the coming year of
2013. Let our memories be happy ones and the new ones we create, be even better ones and we need not ‘pinch’ our self to see if it is real, when something
great happens to us or our family members. Appreciate the good moments, no
pinches needed, just let our minds and souls accept it and we are thankful for
the significance of the event. This is a soft touch of love.

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