Statures That Touch Us All And No Weapons To Harm Us

An inspiring story on how high we can reach, without any kind of a weapon, real or mental.

“No weapon formed against us shall prosper.” A good thought.

A weapon does not always mean a real weapon, though they are useful in a home
invasion to protect yourself and your family. Many lives have been saved with a
homeowner responding to being ravaged in his own house.

There are other weapons we can call weapons. When someone puts you down for no reason at all such as bullying, sarcastic comments or
actual physical activities against you, this is wrong. Way back many years ago,
an ice skating competitor had her competitor injured by someone she knew; so
the other young lady would be out of the competition due to her injuries. She
did not get away with it and was penalized in the ice skating competition. It
seemed it was Tonya Harding’s husband who whacked Nancy, the other person
standing in the way of Tonya as a competitor.

One month after returning from the Winter Olympics, Tonya was convicted of conspiracy to hinder prosecution. She was heavily fined and
banned from U.S. figure skating for life.

It's been 15 years since the scandal that rocked the sports world, but Tonya says it still hurts to think back about that time in her life.

To this day, Tonya says she never wanted to prevent Nancy from competing.

This is a way of weapons against someone.

Other people use mental weapons against the people they think are standing in their way. Politicians do this all the time by words that
may or may not harm the other person who is competing against them in the
political world. It depends how we hear about the incidents, because some of
the sources are on the side of the politician who commits the offense. Of
course, because of You Tube and cameras on our cellphones, these things travel
instantly and we become the observers of the actions. We can and do make our
own judgments and many times the actions disappear, because not too many people really care.

Mom had a relative who married a doctor her husband went to for some problems. The doctor told the wife that she should leave her husband
because they were not good together and he in turn had fallen for her. So she
did and she married the psychiatrist after divorcing her husband of about
thirty years, more or less. She wound up having a very unhappy second marriage
to the doctor and he died they said from being an alcoholic. The first husband
was very sad upon the divorce, but he met a nurse and they married and were
happy for a few years before he died.

This sounds like a bad soap opera, but it was a true happening and the doctor used a mental weapon towards her because he wanted her
for himself. It proved all wrong for Mom’s cousin. This was when I was a young
kid and the family talked about her with hushed tones, because no one in the
family had ever divorced at that time.

This goes to prove that real weapons can be useful in saving our lives, our family’s lives and should be available for such uses. Many store
owners protect their property and their employees’ lives by having a gun for
necessary use when they are attacked first. I am not an expert on this touchy
subject, but I believe we must have the available protection for our own and
our family member’s lives.

I am glad that there are police officers in many of our county schools and have been for several years. You can see the police car parked
and visible at the front door of the schools here. I think this deters a possible
and terrible happening as did occur at Sandy Hook in Connecticut.

Mental weapons as I call them also do harm to the people they are directed towards and bullying in any manner is destructive to our
health and our futures. A bully is a thug, a terrorizer, a tyrant and a
tormentor and I know of a woman who worked in a doctor’s office who was
mentally terrorized by another employee. It all stopped when she informed the
doctor who owned the practice that this was going on for four years. He stopped
it immediately and it had been a long time in happening. The tormentor was not
fired, but the threat of being fired ended it. It was a terrible experience and
the innocent one put up with it for too long.

So there are real weapons that kill and mental weapons that hurt minds and hearts.

No weapon formed against us shall prosper and we in turn will prosper and succeed when we rise up to terrible instances by reporting mean things done to us to the employer or at the school and by not allowing our homes to be invaded by criminals and being unable to defend ourselves in either situation.

We have the right to respond just as the officials of our country are protected with their protectors, we also deserve the same right to save ourselves.

Just an old lady senior’s opinion on today’s events in our daily life and the lives of our neighbors, friends and families is what I am
writing about here. You may disagree with me; it is not the homeowner or
employee who is committing these crimes; it is the other people who do this and
when we had our business, we were robbed many times and if not for the  weapon; legally registered and owned, things
may have turned out badly.

So let us all prosper in every way available to us  and let us always honor each other with respect, help and continual encouraging all of us whether strangers or family, to rise up and to accomplish everything they can without the use of real
weapons or mental weapons. We all deserve the opportunity to live in good
health and to all the openings out there to be available to us in an honest

We shall indeed prosper and we will not fall behind.

Emily Dickinson wrote:” We never knew how high we are, till we are called to rise

And then if we are true to plan, our statures touch the skies.”

Let us touch the skies with statures of goodness, kindness and optimism.



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