Stealing The Stars Is Not A Bad Thing To Accomplish

A nice story about "good stealing, not bad stealing".

I heard this on Lifetime channel on a cute Christmas story movie. The guy said to the girl “I am going to steal all the stars in the sky and give you one each time you smile.” Also, he said “you have the other half of my heart.”

Both are very lovely sayings of a man’s feelings for this young woman. However, the cardiologist will tell you, that you cannot have the other side of your heart and give it to someone else.”

I will see my heart or its outline or whatever is seen, when I have an Echo Doppler heart test next week. They check the heart out and it is an easy test with a wand run over your heart and it shows on the screen and the doctor analyzes and reads it and they

have a good idea what is going on and that everything is fine.

That saying on half the heart made me think of this coming test I will have. I have always thought I had an especially good heart in reference to how I treat people and care about my family. People I have been kind to will say “you have a good heart.”


When I was young, Mom would say she never saw a child like me who would rather give a gift than receive it.That was not completely true; I sure did like getting gifts at December holiday times and on birthdays. However, I always like to give something to people I liked and loved and I still do at Christmas time to various friends and people, who are kind to me all year long. I like to present them a nice and thoughtful gift to show them I really appreciate their being nice to me. I try to do this in various doctor’s offices to the employees working there and most are appreciative. Some do not open it up until the holiday and then after it, they never say a word that they liked it. So I usually say “how did you like so and so?” Some casually say “it was nice.” and that is the end of it. I usually cross their name off of next year’s list, if they do not have the courtesy to even pretend they liked it.

We were always told to be kind in our saying thank you, even if we did not care for the item. We were told that if they took the time to buy it, to at least pretend for courtesy’s sake to thank the person for it.

Thank you is two words that do not cost you a penny when you say them. It surely is nicer than not saying it at all. My dad when asked how he was would say “I am fine, thank you.” Which was very nice, I thought.

Now days in department stores, the clerk may not say thank you, but he or she will say have a nice evening. I would rather hear the TY words. It costs nothing and ends the sale or conversation more appropriately.

I have told the story many times that when Jeffrey was in sixth grade, the teacher told him that he was the politest boy in the 6th grade... He said “thank you Mr. Wilson.” Mr. Wilson said to him “that is what I mean, Jeffrey.”


Once, I had a new lady work for me one day doing housework; my regular housekeeper was away. When we came home, I noticed that she had eaten half of a large lemon pie I had in the refrigerator for dinner. She had opened the sealed

box and cut herself about three or four slices because it was a large pie. She must have taken it home for her dinner. She had let herself out and shut my door and left before I got home, which I did not appreciate her doing. I was always there to pay the person and this time I had left her money on the counter in case I was late. I was five minutes late and she left and that was alright. However,she helped herself to my pie which in effect was like a form of stealing. I noticed she had not finished the ironing of the clothes (in those days, we ironed everything, no more do we do that) and I had left her a certain amount I knew she could do in the allotted time she was supposed to work. She left the ironed clothing on top of the basket and underneath she left the ones she did not feel like doing even though the time was there for her to complete it. She departed early, took my pie and she received a phone call from me on her answering machine, that her services were no longer required. I guess she got the message, not only from the machine, but from me to her.

To be polite and honest costs not a cent,a dollar or even any thought from our brains.  When this fellow said he was going to steal the stars from the sky to give the girlfriend for her smiles; he knew there were many more stars and so he was not stealing. He was just borrowing them for a while, plus there were millions still to be seen and had.

When we first learned to dance in 1977, the males were told when they asked a lady to dance who was not their wife, or girlfriend or it was someone they did not know, after they completed the dance, they were told to take the lady back to the table she had been sitting at and to thank her for the dance. That was a sweet and polite thing to do and it made the lady feel as if she was appreciated and cared about and the females were to thank the gentleman for asking her to dance. All of this is simple courtesy and it is very charming.

So even if you want to steal a few stars for a loved one’s smile to you; you can say to the sky “thank you sky for loaning this to me, you made my day or night brighter.”

You will be the recipient of a feeling of luminous and dazzling endearment and the other half of your heart will have felt something special; which is not in the cardiologist’s viewing in a heart test. You will feel it and see it in your soul.

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Elita Sohmer Clayman November 26, 2012 at 08:23 PM
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