Super Heroes For Super People

There are all kinds of heroes, the kids like the comic and toys of Super Heroes, adults try using the Internet for their hero.,

There is a virus security company that has its logo the following way: “securing your journey to the clouds.” I guess this means that their
service is high up to the sky and pretty like a cloud (?). Victor Hugo said in
his writings “the clouds are the only birds that never sleep.” This is more
like a good definition of a cloud. When I flew the first time in 1968, I was
amazed at seeing the clouds like you do when you fly.

I have some wallpaper in one of my rooms in the house that looks like clouds and it is on the walls, not the ceiling. So it is like
looking at clouds lower down and it is quite pretty.

For as long as I can remember, mostly boys had what is called Super Heroes. Girls also liked Clark Kent who went into a telephone
booth and changed clothes and became Superman. Clark was a bit nerdy and when
he became Superman, he was just that-Super Man.Children dressed up as Superman
and the girls were his girlfriend Lois Lane, who worked with Clark in the
office. Now days, the kids love Hulk, Nova, Iron Man, Avengers, Spiderman and
Thor. There are probably others I am not informed about that.

The girls liked Wonder Woman. She was a female heroine.

On Halloween, you now days see boys dressed as Spiderman, Superman and the other ones too. 

The idea of a person being a Super Hero is nothing new. We, as kids had our different heroes. I looked up to a book called The Five Little
Peppers and a book called Little Women. The Peppers were a family of nice kids,
not well to do, but good persons. The Little Women were a family of sisters who
were loyal to each other as siblings. They were a little girl’s heroes.

They say that accomplishment starts with the decision to try. We always tried to be good kids, honor our parents and always doing what
they said to do and what they wanted for us in the way of the future. We rarely
said no to any requests and always complied with their wishes for us. We never
talked back and we were always respectful to them because that was the way of
the times. Some kids were more outspoken if they did not like some desires of
their mom and dad.l was a good kid. My five year older than me brother, often
challenged Dad on things, just about anything. He was outspoken and said what
he thought. We were different in temperament and the way we reacted to our
parents’ rules. That was ok because he had his personality and I had mine. He
still respected our parents, though he always would voice his desires to do
things they may not want. Once Dad gave him money to come home on the weekend,
from college which was about fifty miles away. He would use the money for
something else and he would hitchhike and even in those days of 1945, it was a
dangerous thing to do. He would tell Dad he had done it and Dad would get angry
that he took his life in a stranger’s car. One day, there was on the radio news
that a young student had been injured hitchhiking from that area. After that
incident, Dad made him bring home the bus ticket stub to show he had come home
on a bus. That solved the problem.

No Super Hero could have saved the young person from being injured and he was lucky everything turned out alright. My brother realized
that Dad was correct in his assessment on hitchhiking, but my brother wanted to
save the money to spend on something else.

There is a thought that we should be fearless rather than fearful. That sounds good, but sometimes
you have to be fearful of things or happenings that could occur. Even Super
Heroes must have a slice of fear sometimes and even they are susceptible to bad

To be a bit fearful can be evaded now days because we have the Internet where we can research information that was not available when I was a kid in the forties.
Then, you had to walk to the library and read the research books which must
have each weighed twenty pounds. If someone was using one of them, you had to
wait, possibly for an hour to even just look up your subject. Then when you got
your chance, you could not take them home, they were only references to be used
in the library; someone was waiting to go after you and you would feel you had
to rush because they were waiting too.

It is easier now because you can research in a moment anything you want and even though some
say, all this information is not always completely true, about more than half
is and you can sort out the reality from the bad information and this can help
you to be less fearful about something that worries you.

So you could probably say that the Internet became a bit of a Super Hero in that it helps us
to make good decisions about things that could be bad in our life. If you are
not sure about some information you get there, you can always go to the
bookstore and find a whole book on the subject, which could help to clear
things up for your mind.

So to a virus company that says it secures your journey to the clouds or that Victor Hugo
thought that the clouds are the only birds that never sleep; we can have our
Super Heroes help us out in a bad situation if we are a kid or if we are an
adult, we can use the Internet to be our Super Hero to help us in a situation
when we need information at once.  Since
the Internet is like a bird. because it never sleeps (do birds sleep?) then we
can become more secure, satisfied and informed using it when we need it and
hopefully, we can choose what information is mostly correct and it can help us
complete our journey to learn something new and helpful and then we can go to
sleep for the night and be satisfied and peaceful.

Super Heroes come in all sizes and abilities and even if it is pretend, pretending is great sometimes.







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