The Feeling Good Of Emotions and Moving About Motions

A story about feeling good,emotions and delightful endings.

Susan Creamer, P.A. in an ear, nose and throat doctor’s office said about my writings “It is just amazing how you reminisce and put things in your writings. You make people explore their own emotions and that is wonderful and it should make you feel good."

A nice saying that I did not make up or find on the internet, J. Umbridge said “Pastor Paul is saving your writing for Lent. I wept with joy when I saw what you had written earlier this week.” How delightful for a nice Jewish senior old lady (me) to have her words used for Lent 2013.This is the blending of two religions. It makes me feel so wonderful and happy to hear that. She also said “There is a cosmic connection between us. I feel like the heavens drew me to your writings, my friend. Thank you.”

What more euphoria can I feel than this at this senior age to know that my words and sentences can affect someone? If I make a person feel some emotion, sad or happy, then I have accomplished what I set out to do.

When I went to Sunday school, we had a little holiday play. It was for the holiday of Chanukah which can be spelled Hannuka and about ten other ways in print and I was the kid who was the fourth candle in the Menorah candelabra. When it came for me to repeat my several sentences, I froze up and forgot the words. Then it came to me but I realized then, I was not meant to be an actress. So I turned my ambitions to writing and that was about when I was eleven or twelve years old.

As I have said before, I took up writing and my first published efforts were the teen book reviews, I reviewed and wrote a page on it for the public library .This was to stimulate the teens to read books over the summer to enhance their reading habits and to instill in them, the love of books and reading. There, I found my niche and I have continued on over the next sixty some years to produce writings on ballroom dancing, on life when I was a youngster and then a teen, then as a wife, mother, daughter and now a senior.

If I can evoke such feelings in my readers, than I have won my own brand of Emmy or Oscar. It could be called The Senny (short for Senior).

Emmy and Oscar are nice to accept at an awards ceremony, but to have readers like and maybe love my humble words, is even better than the brass statue.

Steven Behr, Sr. from Washington State is always writing me very complimentary words of encouragement for the inspiration I spread around in all my articles. This is what he wrote about using one of my articles for his Wellness  class. He is a Wellness Educator in Steilacoom, Washington.



Yes there are some interesting parallels in our connections!!


I don't have any videos of our dancing just the stills that I forwarded to you back...sorry!


Last night I gave a "fall prevention & balance" presentation as part of our coalition on preventing falls. In it, I talk about goals and dreams as I show some important ways to improve balance: some form of movement. This is when I normally get all the excuses why they cannot do it anymore..... So I shared your story from your No Limitations, Only High Aspirations article and actually read them two paragraphs with drama:


"I will be one of those competitors next year in 2013 dancing with my teacher.........” and " A senior who still tries anything "




So as a result, they responded with comments: dedicated, courageous, and inspirational and a real role model. Further, they wanted to know how to connect with you, so I gave them the Towson Patch website. They were all not aspiring to be dancers but just stimulated to want to do little things to improve quality of life and prevent falls.”




I thank you for them and they wish you much success in your quest to get back on the ballroom floor in whatever condition your body allows!! Amen.


Older people accomplish so much now. They do not lay down their dance shoes or their brains. There is a ninety-five year old woman who still does ballet.

I just heard that Larry Hagman, the actor passed on and I remember him when he was a young actor on the soap opera called The Edge Of Night. He was a detective/police officer and his boss’ name was Chief Marceau. He played I think a fellow named Ed and he liked the chief’s daughter and he had to walk carefully, because the chief eventually became his father-in-law. Then he went on to star in I Love Jeannie. It became a great success and ran for many years. There were many other shows he appeared in and then he got the part of JR Ewing in the new television show Dallas and it and he were an instant hit. He played the older son of the Ewing family and he played it with a zest and delight that almost overwhelmed the rest of the cast. He in real life was the son of an actress named Mary Martin who was famous for her show South Pacific and he and his mom were not on very great terms. He lived with his father and grandparents while she did her acting jobs. Dallas lasted for so many years; it became an icon of television shows. When it went off, we the viewers were devastated. In the beginning, it was on Friday nights 10 PM and then it switched to Sunday nights. Everyone tape recorded it so as not to miss one moment of it. I loved it and many men went out and bought cowboy hats and boots and all over the town, you would see them in these cowboy outfits. The cowboy attire industry became very lucrative from this show. Old men and young men wore the hats and boots and wherever you went; there they were in the JR attire. They really looked so cute and manly.

Larry made a comeback last year when Dallas was recreated and it again became a big television show. This shows that Larry Hagman himself was a competent senior who came back to show business after an illness and though he looked real thin, he was again an instant hit as JR Ewing. He proved also that seniors are still vital, vibrant and able to act, dance, paint, write and be role models for other seniors. Seniors want to improve the quality of their lives and if we continue to continue we will be able to continue for many more years.

So as J.Umbridge thinks she has a cosmic connection with me, I think I have it with her and Steven of Washington State. I have it with J. Umbridge because she loves my articles and therefore I love her. With Steven, we are both seniors active in the ballroom dancing world and he trains and assists seniors with senior problems and transfers some of my words with his professionalism being a Wellness Educator to them, to better their lives.

These two folks, one from Maryland and one from Washington State both came into my life perhaps by cosmic happenings; I do not know, but both of them, one male and one female have enhanced my life so much. Steven I have known for several years through the email and the Internet; J. Umbridge just for two weeks. There is a saying ( you all know I love sayings, some I create, others I get from the Internet and some people say to me) it is: You made my life, not day. I chose you, you chose me.” That is how we all met.  We are the chosen among ourselves and this is pretty extraordinary and marvelous.

Susan Creamer summed it up well when she said  “it draws people and makes them explore their own emotions. Doesn’t it make you feel good?” My emotions are feeling very sky high.







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