The Letter E And Its Meanings To All Of Us

A good example of the meaning of E for excellence and ego in this story. E also stands for Elita, there is an example of ego for a senior.

This is a fine example of encouragement. I obtained it from the internet. Everything that helps us to continue on each and every day in our quest for a good life that we know we deserve. When we are children, Mom and Dad help us to grow, love, be kind, learn and most of all be happy.What I obtained from the internet did not show up in submitting this story. It said Ego-kill it,love value it, smile keep it, success achieve it, knowledge acquire it and confidence trust it.

When my kids were small, I bought them little reward gifts for achieving excellence. I use to give them a dollar (a lot of money in those days) per receiving an A on their report cards for each subject on the card. A in those days meant excellence, in my day it was an E. I use to say that E stood for Elita, just kidding. Then I believe they replaced the A with a 1. It made deciphering their competence very hard every time the report cards were given out. Regardless, excellence is excellent, no matter how it is revealed on the report card.

If we could give ourselves marks for our accomplishments, I wonder what mark we would give to us. Would we give us an E in maintaining a clean and neat home? Would we give us an E for cooking competence? Would we give us an E in respect for our parents and other elders? Would we give us an E in managing our financing and not running up large bills? Would we give us an E for getting along with relatives and friends? It would be interesting to see our total accumulation of grades for our life actions.

I know I would get an E for managing finances, home neatness and cooking. Also, I would receive an E for respect and kindness to my parents and other elders. The getting along with friends an E and with relatives, I hope I would get an E. Who knows what they would give me? I know what I think I would deserve.

I would hope to obtain an E in my writing articles and the encouraging everyone to go out and dance and to be thinking positive thoughts and other tidbits of my life as a child in the forties. I would receive of lower than an E in trying to maintain a good weight. I go back and forth in that department as many do. I would give me an E at least for trying in that area.

Let us try and be happy and try to ‘mark’ ourselves. I had a cousin Rose who was a school teacher. She was about thirty years older than me, because her mom was the older sister of my younger Dad and so her kids were so much older than Dad’s kids, my brother and I. I use to look up to her, not only that she was taller than me, but she was a teacher and teachers were revered. She use to teach kids in underprivileged areas and she loved them and them her. She would bring to the classroom souvenirs of her many out of country trips and the kids loved seeing items from these faraway places. She was very strict with her marks giving, but when she gave an E, the kid deserved it. They were proud when Miss Rose gave them that esteemed compliment.

I was getting all E’s in those days and she was proud of me, her really young cousin. I was proud of her being pleased with me.

The above colored chart statements; I do not agree with the ego one that says kill it. It is not wrong to feel good ego feelings. The ego is necessary for caring for our self. As long as you do not portray an ego attitude, just keep it to yourself and know you deserve the good thoughts you have about yourself; if you truly earn them.

I agree with the success is achievement one, the knowledge acquire one, the confidence trust one is great too. Success, knowledge and confidence are good attributes to have in our hearts and mind.

So look at your life and give yourself the deserving marks you think you warrant.

When I graduated high school in 1951, a girl named Alice was in charge of putting a saying alongside our picture in the yearbook. She supposedly was adept in knowing all 300 and some students. It was a hard job. When she wrote the saying above my name, I could not figure out what it meant. She wrote “good adions warrant good results.” I looked up the word adions for weeks on end, there was no Google to tell me what it meant. I finally figured out that adions was supposed to be actions, which meant that good deeds from me made me deserve good results. It in itself was a kind thing to say about me; but I was angry over the printing error. It probably was from her handwriting, we had very little use of typewriters in those days. The irony of the error was then I went to work for a printing company and they checked and rechecked all printing words many times before a job was put to press, as it was called. Of course, now, we have spell check on our computers and even then, there are more mistakes. An error on a story is not as lasting as a yearbook.

You know the story I have related several times about Dad writing by hand, letters to the Sunpapers. He wrote one each week and the editor then, H.L. Mencken typed a letter to dad. It said “no more handwritten letters will be printed, due to erros.” He made the spelling wrong, we think due to facetiousness on his part; however he kept on printing Dad’s letters to the editor because Dad had no typewriter. When Dad died forty-eight years ago, the Sunpapers wrote him up in an obituary column as being a prolific writer to them. Therefore, they were giving Dad an E for excellence. No errors occurred from Dad handwriting his letters ever happened.

So give yourself as many E’s as you think you really deserve because E stands for excellence, ego, exceptional and efficient.

You are an E person and be proud of that quality.


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Elita Sohmer Clayman November 15, 2012 at 09:25 PM
You get an "E A 1 +" Jeffrey in N.Va. Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T
Elita Sohmer Clayman November 16, 2012 at 04:15 AM
J umbridge I miss you.email me at elitajerrydancing@verizon. net or make a comment on the two articles I wrote mentioning you.


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