The Railings Of Life, Something To Hold Onto

A story on life's way of holding onto things, tangible and invisible.

The meaning of the word railings is a banister or a handhold. I just got a banister for the other side of my side deck porch where
we go out when we leave the house. It is easier having two railings to walk
down the steps, to hold onto.

Now next week, I am getting another railing inside the house so I can walk downstairs to my family room. I have not been downstairs for
almost a year, because it was hard to walk sixteen steps with a one side
railing. So my contractor is installing a railing on the right side of the wall
and I therefore  will make my grand
entrance holding onto two railings and I will be able to see what is going on
downstairs. I kid my husband, he could have a girlfriend down there and I would
not know about it and she could leave and enter via a downstairs doorway.

My two new railings will be a lifesaver for me.The outside one makes it easier for me to go to the car and you should see how fast I get
down those steps. It is interesting that a simple railing in two spots will
make my senior life easier and nicer.

This is how life is. Sometimes simple things can help life be pleasanter and for a small cost of several hundred dollars, I will be able
to function better during my senior years. When Mom got in her seventies, my
brother installed rails in her bathroom to make her bathing time simpler. He
went to a hardware store and he bought the pieces and came over one afternoon
after work and did it for her. She was so happy because it made her more
independent and she felt good being able to do for herself with the aid of the

Life is made up of complex things and easy things; they can be like my railings being installed and they can be decisions we have to make
in life about our job, our home, our leisure time, our haircut, our hair color,
our garden, our friends and our diet.

Sometimes these decisions can overwhelm us, because we cannot decide what we want. When I had to pick out a color for the ceiling in
my son’s former bedroom and he had gone to be married; I got about ten color
swatches because I wanted a blue ceiling. Every swatch I brought home, I was
not sure of, if it would be right, would be too light, would be too dark etc.
Finally, I chose a medium shade of blue and when the painter put the first dab
on the ceiling, I was horrified at the color. He then painted a little more and
I began to kind of like it and when it was all done I loved it. My niece came
over to visit the next day and she loved it and she said “do not worry if
someone does not like it, you are the one who needs to love it and you do.” She
is a psychiatrist, so that is good psychological advice and it did not cost me
a penny; just a hug.

I had an aunt who always tried to influence the relatives with her opinions on how to decorate your home. Once, she was visiting another
aunt who was upstairs taking care of her baby. When she came down a half hour
later, Aunt Adele had rearranged the whole living room of furniture. How she
moved things by herself, we never knew, but she did. When Aunt Jean came down, she was horrified and she screamed at Adele and said never do this again or you will not be welcome in my home. She was right.

You cannot rearrange someone’s furniture and someone’s life. You could possibly try to advise them with what you think will look nice; but
you cannot take it upon yourself to change someone’s furniture or their ideas.
We see that in politics where we cannot state our opinion on things going on
and the other person is not interested in our views, because their ideas are
the supreme ones. So we best keep our thoughts to ourselves and only discuss
them with people who think or act like we do.

We hear this on radio talk shows where the listeners are two kinds. One who agrees with the host and the other who disagrees heartily with
the host. You therefore get diverse opinions, some shouting and some meanness
when the host and the caller disagree.

In life, we have to compromise a lot, can disagree often, give in sometimes, but most of all, we should keep our dignity and continue our
beliefs as long as they are honest and sincere.

Life is like my two new railings. If you only have one railing and you are not walking so well, then you need the second one on the
other side. This gives you confidence, stability and the desire to get up and
down the steps. If you do not get the second railing, then you are stuck and perhaps, you do not get down too easily or do not go down at all. So in life, when
things seem difficult for you to accomplish, get your second railing (invisible
one) and have something of substance to hold onto to help you get through the
difficult times and events. Your invisible railing will be sufficient to
encourage you to try new things; new endeavors and it will give you the
strength to continue on to greater successes.

If the meaning of railings is handhold, then you have a hand holding onto you as you conquer difficult things happening to you in your daily
life. When there is a holding and a grip, it allows you to control and master
life’s obstacles and they now become facilitators and expeditors of enjoying
life more. Bravo to all kinds of railings; real metal and wood ones and the
ones of life who give us something to hold onto.

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Elita Sohmer Clayman February 22, 2013 at 02:19 PM
Really liked this one Sent via BlackBerry Jeffrey Northern, Va.
Elita Sohmer Clayman February 25, 2013 at 01:11 PM
Congratulations on the big 400! What's next another 400? I just returned from the Seattle Symphony where the Pops played a tribute to Marvin Hamlisch. It was wonderful but a little sad. He was the Pops series conductor here in Seattle and put together this program last season to play this season ( Hamlisch plays Hamlisch) We miss him very much! His music inspired many people around the world and in his way was a "railing" to enhance quality of life. You are a railing as well for your inspiration and your words of wisdom that you share with all of us! Keep us stimulated and smiling as we negotiate each day. (Thanks) Steven Behr Wellness Educator (253) 686-9797
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