The Seeds Of Desire Grows Into A Wonderful Flower

A story of hope, accomplishment and desires that culminated in very successful people attaining their dreams.

Here is a good expression, saying, inspirational or just perfectly stated.  People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing IT.

My brother went back at age thirty-nine to get a pharmacy degree, which took him three years, since he had the first degree already. I
went back at age thirty-three to get my first college degree. I was the old lady in the class of teens. That was fine and I enjoyed being the old lady there. I
inspired the young folks to study and to come to class when many of them did
not come each session.

My brother drove a delivery truck to New York State every weekend to make ends meet since he had a wife and two young children. He still
wound up graduating with honor s and he won a gold medal. His name was Herbert Marshall Sohmer.

My aunt and uncle were born blind and they both became accomplished people in the business world and both graduated from ‘seeing
schools’ for  high school and  they did not attend an all blind school for
the last three years of school then. How they did it, I will never comprehend,
but they did. Excel seemed to be their middle names. His name was George
Weinstein and her name was Ruth Weinstein Ellinger.

My hairdresser way back in 1985 gave that job up and she went into the dress designing business and is doing very well in producing
gorgeous ballroom dance dresses for ladies all over the country. She was in her
thirties then too. Her name is Dee Michael.

My Mom went back to the working world when she was fifty-seven when Dad died and she needed some income and she worked for
thirteen years for the State Of Maryland and barely missed a day of work in that
time. A doctor then who gave her a physical said she was not fit for the job,
because she had had a heart attack about when she was forty-eight. Another
doctor certified her and she did well for the thirteen years of work there.
Ironically, the first doctor himself died of a heart attack and since he and
Mom were almost the same age, she ‘beat’ him in longevity. Her name was Lea Weinstein Sohmer.

I learned to ballroom dance and to do it well, when I was forty-three and my husband was forty-seven. My husband went to get a pharmacy
degree when he was twenty-seven and was the oldest guy in the graduating class
because he was thirty and the others were about twenty-two or so. His name is
Jerome Harris Clayman. My son, Jeffrey Alan Clayman received a master’s degree
in tax law and he was about forty-two. Age does not matter when you are

My sister-in-law went back to her nursing career when my brother started pharmacy school and she was about thirty-seven and she rose in
her position through the years to become an advisor to the most prominent
doctors in Johns Hopkins Hospital. She stayed for over thirty years and she was
recognized in the nursing and medical world of Hopkins as being an outstanding
medical person. Her name was Shirley Friedman Sohmer.

So age really does not deter us. Look at me, seventy-eight and writing these stories of encouragement, inspiration and hope. I even desire to get back to my ballroom dancing, hopefully this year of 2013 when and if my aching knee makes itself useful to me soon.

I know of many people who change professions late in life and are happier for it. When I was thirty-three and attending Catonsville
Community College, there was a wonderful old lady of probably seventy-three
named Margaret Laufer. She came back to get a college degree and she also
learned to drive for the first time in her life. She graduated with honors and
she made a fine speech that outshined the speech of the college president. She
was about seventy-nine at that time and she was asked to speak to the audience
and graduates in order to show that age did not matter. She drove herself to
the school then to receive her diploma. Her grandchildren were there to take in
the excitement of her accomplishment.

Do not let anyone and I mean anyone deter you from your dreams and desires regardless of your age. Someone just told me yesterday, that
his ninety-nine year old neighbor in Pennsylvania had a knee replacement and is
out and about, playing golf. Wow.

People who say it cannot be done are wrong. Let them not do it if they want, you do it and you will do it well. You are only a loser when
you quit. There are seeds of desire and willingness in all of us, just water
the seeds with your hope can and a flowering growth will happen.

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Elita Sohmer Clayman January 10, 2013 at 02:18 AM
Excellent and encouraging JAC Northern,Virginia reader


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