The Silver Needle

We all have the power to use our silver needle to sew happiness, security and love into our life regardless of our age.

I saw an article and they used the word silver needle and you can piece together our lives. I was not a good sewer in the home class we
had to take in

Junior high school (now called middle school). In fact I disliked the sewing division the most. We had to buy material and a pattern and
and sew a dress part time in school, take it home and finish it there. I did not cut the pattern and material too well and therefore the dress was a bit lopsided. I persevered and finally it looked like it came from a cheap store and made very poorly.

I passed the course with my only low mark other than the low mark I also received in Gym class. I had a good excuse. We never had Gym until
junior high school and then we had to walk six blocks in all kinds of harsh winter weather to the other school that had gym equipment. By the time we walked in the cold, we were too tired to
climb the ropes, race, and do all the other obnoxious things they make you do
in the class. We also had to wear these ugly gym suits, color green and purely bad looking. So I passed barely in Home Economics and Gym classes and I excelled in the other classes of knowledge learning. I was excellent in Math, History, Astronomy, Spelling, English and my beloved writing classes.

In  high school I was president of the Scribblers Club, a journalism group of all teens who liked to write.

A silver needle can help to put together our young lives with the gaining of importance of the silver needle.  The silver needle helps to sew the different
fabrics of life into one beautiful blanket of living.

My friend Donna wanted to be an elementary school teacher; she was two years older than me. She did that and funny thing when my daughter
in 1964 went to her first nursery school class (now called pre-school), Donna was her first teacher and quite a good one at that. My friend Sophia loved to knit when we girls in high school took up the knitting of argyle wool sox. Supposedly, you were knitting them for your boyfriend and
if you did not have one, you really knitted it for your brother and told
everyone it was for your boyfriend who went to a private all boys’ school. My
knitting teacher when I started to knit before my children were born, you
guessed it, was Sophia who ran a knitting store where you bought the wool and
needles and she helped you to successfully knit a sweater or coat or hat.

My friend Debra and I liked to write, so we had a little one page paper we printed by hand and said we were editors of a small local
neighborhood paper. When I was writing for a dance magazine, who did I meet
through the pages, but Deb who was writing for the magazine from California.

A lady named Madeleine Bridge wrote “Give yourself the best you have and the best will come to you.” This is true in many things we do. If
we try hard, the trying pays off and we can be rewarded with the prize of a
blanket of love that covers our body and soul. Ray Rice, a Ravens football
player called our Super Bowl Ravens football team a  “team of destiny,” We can all be our own team of destiny, an excellent destiny, that we carve out for ourselves and sew it together with our silver needle.

I told my seven and half year old grandson that when he turns thirteen years of age, I and we will give him a present of one thousand
dollars. He later on asked his Dad, how many action figures he could buy with
that money and Dad replied fifty. Dad also said “you will not want action
figures when your age is thirteen.” Ethan said “yes, I will.”  To a little boy or girl, they think that what they love and like at the now age will be their love and likes later on.

Sometimes, in life, we still love and like what we loved as a child and that is OK. As a youngster, I loved the color blue and I still do
so many decades later, the color blue which is evidenced in my home décor.

There is a saying that says “Think for yourself, don’t be a puppet.” Puppets are nice, my kids each had one hanging from a screw on their bedroom ceilings that we bought at a store I believe in the Amish country tour. We need not be a puppet in the toy sense of the word; we can think for our self and do what we like and acquire what we want and be happy in the way we feel happiness should be.

Another saying states “let go of the past and go for the future.” This is very apropos in the sense that we always define our lives as
to what we will be doing in the future. It is nice too to define ourselves as
what we are doing now and not be always waiting for the future for something
good to appear to us.

We should not let our happiness always depend on someone else, depend on you and you will realize you have the capacity to let go of the past,
look for the now and then for the future.

The now is as important as the future and use your silver needle to sew everything you have in pieces in your life into one LARGE covering of
joy, love, kindness and feeling sincerely good about who you are right now.

Today I cut away a little piece or should I say a metal piece of my life. I gave up my car with the license plates saying DANCING. I loved
that plate and I waited for those words to be available in around 1993. I could
not get it written that way, I had to get it written as DANCIN. The G one was
in someone else’s possession and I kept calling up every year the MVA, I was
told to do that to see if the G was available. One day, it was and I rushed to
get it and traded in the minus G one for the G one.

Now I will be getting hopefully in the summertime, a new car and maybe I can get one with DANCE GRAMMIE on it. If not, maybe DANCE or GRAMMIE
DANCER OR LUV 2 DANCE or DANCESENIOR. Whatever I can get,, it will be for now and the future.

So I will take my silver needle and like little Ethan said he will still like action figures at age thirteen, not as a child realizing
that things change when you get older, I will still want my new car adorned
with my vanity plate telling everyone and especially me that I love dancing and
I will do it again hopefully soon. I will sew it back into my covering of life
with my silver needle. Who knows, maybe it will be a golden needle because I am
in the golden age of my senior life and there sure is one higher than gold; and
that is platinum. Every one of you reading these columns, remember you can
still do, you can still accomplish and you can use your intelligence to keep on
doing, accomplishing and being intelligent in everything you do. You need not
proclaim it on a license plate as I wish to do again, you can proclaim it to

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