The Turnstile And Gate Of Life

A story of encouraging me, this writer to have the privilege of walking easier and without pain.

On a soap opera I watch, the following was said “Be grateful for every happy moment you have in your life. You can never have too much in your life.” How many times do we think we wish things could be happier? How many days do we waste thinking what could have been, that would have been better than what we have.

As I write this, I kind of am in the top group of thinking I wish I could be happier, because I am not walking too well and I hope to get a  Cortisone shot in my right knee this coming Thursday. I have exhausted the things done to make it better and I do not want at this age a knee replacement operation. I do not like operations, hospitals and the after happenings. I know many people get them and are satisfied and I know a few who did not have excellent results. I have been going after the alternative ‘cures’, though they are not cures. These are events that make it better for a while, there are procedures that help and there is no positive thinking in this world, which takes the hurt away or makes it disappear, because you thought happy thoughts.

I choose to try everything else to make it easier for me to walk. We all take walking for granted and since we have been doing it since we were probably fourteen months old; we think it is our inherent right. I do not know if my knee got bad after I had a fall two years ago going down a curb. I do not think it came from dancing. Even if it did, I would not have given up all that dancing has bestowed on me for the last thirty-five years. It gave me a social life, new friends in person and online, it gave me exercise, buying pretty outfits to wear at dance competitions and pretty dresses to wear going to a social dance. It gave me my dancing writing, my license plate on my car that says Dancing, it gave me a good ego boost for all I have accomplished doing it and it gave me fifty-eight trophies and hundreds of pictures of me dancing with my coaches and my husband. It gave me a soap box to encourage others to do this and to be happy to have dancing in their life. It gave me a life of writing about it and its benefits and to know that I have influenced people all over this country to go out and dance, regardless of their now age.

Maybe Thursday will be my lucky day and the shot will help, though it sometimes takes several weeks to be effective. If so, I will be grateful for giving me some more happy moments.

I heard an advertisement commercial on the television for a nursing assistant company. They said  “our visiting angels give good care.” I hope one of these visiting angels (not the real ones) pay me a visit and hang over my good shoulder and when the doctor injects my sore knee; they will say a good walk blessing for me.

They say that love and kindness are never wasted. They always make a difference and that they bless the one who receives them and they bless you, the giver.

So I hope my giver, the orthopedic doctor bestows upon me an extra special dose and that would be to give me some kindness and love serum mixed with the actual medicine and that I shall walk again with a good gait towards the gate of access and egress. I hope that I walk to the turnstile of simple things I have taken for granted like walking into a mall for some store gazing and maybe purchasing, like walking the many steps into the house of my grandchildren and that I hear them chanting “go Grammie, go” as I attempt the high steps up to see them in the living room. Also, to be able to go down the many steps in my house to get down into the fine family room there, we use for relaxing and recreation, as I have not been down there for over six months because of my sore knee.

Just never take for granted the simple thing we know as walking, because it is a very necessary everyday accomplishment when you can do it in an adequate manner. When and if this happens, I shall list it on my happiness sheet and I will be appreciative and thankful for its blessing being given back to me. As the saying stated “you can never have too much of it in your life.”

I will put on at different times, various shoes, regular shoes, dancing shoes, fancy shoes and exercise shoes on my enlightened feet being held up by a calmer and happier right knee. Go Grammie Go will be my new personal slogan.

Now I will be able to really go, go and go some more when I believe I can.  I will be halfway there. I shall try it and I will give credence to it on this coming Thursday.

Hopefully, my visiting angel will help this along in her invisible presence.

Go Grammie will now be Doing Grammie and she will be able to walk steps through the turnstile of life.

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