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Thirteen Thoughts For 2013

Some information on thirteen thoughts, we should incorporate in our daily lives during this year of 2013.

Here are twelve sayings you may want to use for this New Year 2013. Many of them you know and you have said before that you will try to
do them. Here they are:

Eat less sugar, you are sweet enough.

Eat more green things.

Drink more water.

Say nice things about others.

Choose to be happy.

Take risks and step out of your normal routine.

Give yourself a break, you’re doing great.

Smile more.

Remember some magical moments.

Get moving even if only around the block.

Add more color to your life.

Make new friends.

I have not had anything with sugar in it like buns, cakes, pies, cookies, muffins and Ice cream for twenty-five days, due to me trying to
lose fifteen pounds I gained over the last six months. I feel better without
the sugar from these delicious items than when I eat them. Of course, there is
sugar in bread, cracker etc., but I have not added the above loved foods for
almost four weeks and I have lost ten pounds.

I eat lots of green things, salads etc.

I drink the water for sure.

I am always saying nice things about people.

I try to give myself a break and I try to step sometimes out of my normal routine.

I always remember the magical moments.

I do my stationary bike every day and never miss a day and I do 2.80 miles.

I am trying to add color to my life.

I make lots of new friends and most of them are via email, but they are still friends.

I try to choose to be happy.

I will try to smile more.

Captain Mark Kelly was in town recently and he gave a speech before a crowded audience. He talked about his wife who was injured terribly in
the early part of the year by a shooter and still remains trying to get better.
Her name is Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and she was shot while giving a
speech. He said “you have to be courageous, be strong and be passionate.” He is
assisting his injured wife and trying to be happy once again in both of their

He is doing all of that and much more in giving care to her and she is doing the same in trying so hard to become her old self.

There is another expression to “choose joy. “All of us try to make that choice. It is like the television show called Lets Make A Deal.
There are three curtains and we hope we can choose and win the one with the joy
behind it. In the television show, the contestants vie for the one which will
give them the most money in cash or in gifts. This will give them quite a large
amount of joy.

There is a young man from Glen Burnie, a fifteen year old high school student who discovered and invented a way to detect the dreaded and
terrible disease called pancreatic cancer. He won 75 thousand dollars for his
work in a science contest and he hopes to patent it and most of all, he hopes
it will be quite adequate in detecting the disease earlier than is done now. He
is certainly stepping out of his normal teenage routine to help others and this
is going to be a most marvelous tool for the exposure of a terrible disease.
His name is Jack Andraka and he was one of the outstanding people chosen by the
Sunpapers to be the most important person in our area. He did not win the top
award, but he was noticed and he should be applauded for what he has done for
the medical community and for all of the citizens of this nation. I am sure
eventually they will use his test and this will help them to diagnose the
illness sooner.

We all add color to our lives every Friday when we wear purple to honor our beloved Ravens.

I always remember magical moments and  I do that often and remembering them can help you feel better, if you by chance are
feeling not so well one day. The magic reappears and it is as if it is
happening again.

Take the list and see how many you can apply to your life. Even if you try and do half of them, you are ahead of the game and you will be
starting 2013 with a good response. I have heard a few people say they do not
like the number 13 in our year. Of course, it is the first time for all of us
living now, that it appears as a date in our life. In Judaism, thirteen is a
pretty good number and it has many meanings. I am not worried about 13; in fact
I am going to think of it as being extra lucky for all of us.

My dear physician assistant told me that 2013 is “a promising spot for this New Year.” I said why and he said “because you areproactive in getting improvement for your bad knee and it looks promising that you will walk better due to the shots and physical therapy.” His name is Dennis H.Myers and he is never wrong.

Emily Dickinson wrote “Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul

And sings the tune without the words and never stops at all.”

Hope should be number thirteen on this list. See, I told you thirteen was a good number. Hope will be our thirteen and all of them on the list will enhance our lives for this year of 2013.





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Elita Sohmer Clayman January 02, 2013 at 04:18 PM
Excellent Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T jeffrey N.Va.
Elita Sohmer Clayman January 03, 2013 at 02:28 AM
What a wonderful missive for folks in starting their 2013 and resolutions for making their lives 'better'. Thanks for including my few remarks in your many fabulous thoughts. DHM Dennis H. Myers, PA. On Tue, Jan 1, 2013 at 9:54 PM, <elitajerrydancing@verizon.net> wrote:


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