Twirl Your Life, Spin Your Horizons And Think The Color Blue

A little encourgement for the New Year of 2013. Thirteen can really be a lucky number.

Here are some good sayings. I am getting overwhelmed with these fine sayings and I am becoming a maven (expert) with them.

“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life.” Voltaire said “I have chosen to be happy because it is good for my health.”   “Life happens while waiting for love.” My
made-up saying “When you least expect it, something good will happen to you.”
“Follow your heart and do not look back.” I heard on TV this one

“Some people are terrified of language.”  Another one is “Help me cross the bridge.”

Here goes a story based on all of this. Sometimes, we have to choose to be satisfied with what we have and to be grateful for whatever it
is. Even though we wish for something better or finer; we can choose to be a
minus person and feel like we have been cheated and therefore we are sad all
the time. If we can have gratitude for what we have; then we can take our
yearnings and turn them into learning’s and then we learn how to be more
satisfied, because we try different things.

If we believe that something good will happen to us that is OK, but sometimes we have to go after that good thing by trying to be involved
in other events and then maybe something wonderful will happen from the new
event. Life goes on while we are waiting for love. The love can be from a
child, a parent, a new man in our life or a new woman in our life if we are a
male or even the love of a hobby that will make our life complete. It will
happen when we least expect it, when we are not looking for it and we are
completely surprised where it begins. Some people are afraid of language and
that can be of someone telling us they love us and we are not quite ready for
it or the language of a new job or a new hobby or a new sport. Do not look back
and think of the times when you thought you could not accomplish things. Now
you are older and you have the nerve and the verve to experience something new.

All of these things will help you cross the bridge that leads to new
adventures, happy times and exciting experiences. As Voltaire said choose to be
happy because it is good for your health.

I had a hairdresser who with her brother when they were about eighteen and nineteen, took a globe, spun it around and put their fingers
on two different spots. She placed her finger on Baltimore, Maryland in the USA
and he placed his on London, England. Then they tossed a coin because they
wanted to come together from Finland and to live together to start a new life.
USA was the choice and they came here from a faraway country. They knew English and they settled here in Baltimore County. She took up hair styling and he went to work as a teacher’s aide. She took nursing courses and it took her about
five years and she graduated as a registered nurse and he became an elementary
school teacher.

They moved into their own individual houses and each married and had several children. She gave up hairdressing and she went to work at St.
Agnes Hospital as a nurse. With a twirl of the globe and a finger put down and
their lives changed forever. Every one of us living here need not twirl a
globe; we can twirl our minds and decide what is next for us; if we feel we
need a change.

Follow your heart, do not look back except for the glorious old memories, when you least expect it, be grateful for the new opportunities
and cross that new and beautiful  bridge
because it will be a bridge of connection, a link to a new way of life. Life
happens while you are waiting and in a twinkling, things can change for more
glorious days.

Life changes often and we need no globe to spin. We can spin delightful horizons for ourselves. This is a new saying made-up by me, right now-
“spin delightful horizons for ourselves.” Make it happen and it is good for
your health.

At this holiday time of Christmas and Chanukah (I call them the two C’s) choose to be happy and vow to try something new to enhance your
life as it is now. You can choose a new job, a new hobby, a new furnishing for
a room in your house, a new garden in the springtime, a new car, a new hairdo,
a new hair color, have another child, or a new spirit to embrace the life you
have or to change it a lot or a little.

When I was a kid, we use to wish upon a star we saw in the sky at night. Young girls would wish for a new boyfriend, older girls would
wish for a husband, seniors would wish for good health or if you were a young
couple, you wished you could buy a new home, you could afford.

Any wish you wish for can come true if you truly believe you can attain it. Most of all choose to be content and contentment will cross the
bridge and come into your life and it will make you a happier person. I have
always favored the color of blue. Three quarters of my home is colored in blue.
I heard that blue is the color of happiness. Try to have at least one object or
something colored blue in your home. Perhaps, the saying that blue is happiness
will pervade your home and you.

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Elita Sohmer Clayman December 12, 2012 at 04:32 PM
Excellent as usual JAC Northern, Va


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