Help Cover Local Boy’s Medical Expenses

The family is trying to raise funds for therapy not covered by their insurance.

Max is an area boy who could use your help.

He suffers from a wide range of medical issues including mild cerebral palsy, Aspergers and moderate hearing loss.

His family is turning to the community for help to pay for the therapies Max needs, but that the family’s insurance won’t cover.

"Many therapies that cost a lot of money and insurance will not cover any of it. Our goal is not to change Max through these therapies but to make his life a little easier. ABA therapy and Social Skills groups will help Max gain the confidence and understanding through route learning how to do daily living skills on his own, such as getting dressed without a one on one or cleaning up a mess, learning how to share, or how to approach a social situations with out screaming and learning personal space,” the GoFundMe profile reads.

So far Max’s family has raised $153. If you’re interested helping Max and his family, go visit the GoFundME campaign website here.  


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