GBMC Releases 2011's Top Baby Names

Mason and Olivia lead the list of most popular names.

At , some of the most popular baby names of 2011 were used enough times to fill an elementary school classroom.

Mason led the list for boys (it finished second last year), and Olivia led the list for girls born at the Towson hospital last year. This is the fifth year the hospital has released a list of the most popular names.

One common influence? The Twilight series. Jacob and Isabella make high showings on the list from GBMC and nationally, according to babycenter.com. Nine of the 10 most popular girls' names on the national list, and seven of the most popular boys' names also make an appearance on GBMC's list.


Baby Boy Names

Baby Girl Names

Mason (34)

Olivia (33)

Jacob & Ryan (32)

Ava (27)

Andrew (30)

Madison (24)

Ethan & Liam (27)

Isabella (22)

Noah (25)

Elizabeth, Emily, Emma (19)

Benjamin, Jackson & Matthew (24)

Abigail & Grace (18)

Aiden, Nathan & William (20)

Chloe, London & Sophia (17)

Charles, Gavin, Jack, John, Michael & Nicholas (18)

Anna , Charlotte & Ella (16)

Alexander , Carter & Luke (17)

Sydney (15)

Owen & Tyler (16)

Zoe & Zoey (13)


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