Do We Know Whole Truth on Superintendent's Pay?

Does the public know the whole truth regarding Superintendents' pay?

A year or so ago, I read in The Baltimore Sun that the Superintendent for Baltimore City schools receives bonuses and has a $76,000 chauffeur in addition to a $750 car allowance. This is in addition to his negotiated salary. 

How much does this superintendent really make with perks and bonuses each year? Is what the superintendent really gets paid public knowledge? Similarly, do the citizens of Baltimore County really know what the new superintendent in Baltimore County is getting paid? Is there really transparency for the public with regard to public money being paid to superintendents in districts where the Board of Education is appointed?

Especially in Baltimore County, where the current Board of Education leadership is so "chummy" with the County Executive Why would I even have this on my mind? There was an article in The Baltimore Sun last weekend that detailed the moving expenses being paid to Howard County's and Baltimore County's new superintendents. I thought that there had to be a mistake. Why would Baltimore County pay only $5,000 for Dance to relocate from Texas while Howard County, whose board requested that the new superintendent move into Howard County, would pay up to $25,000 for Dr. Foose's relocation expenses. Maybe the answer is in a rumor I heard.

The rumor is that Dr. Dance will be getting paid more than $20,000 for one (1) week's work at the end of June. I do not know whether this is true or not, but it sure would explain the discrepancy in relocation costs offered by Baltimore County as opposed to Howard County. That much money for one week's work would pretty much level the playing field between Baltimore County and Howard County with regard to relocation payments?

Are there any other hidden payments that the public does not know about? Maybe someone can find out if the rumor is true and tell the public!  If you think it is time to elect the Board of Education email me at mrs.meg.ohare@gmail.com.  It is time to see what real citizens think. We can work together for a better board to serve the public not the politicians.

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charles richardson May 17, 2012 at 12:41 AM
Ms. O'Hare about 3 weeks ago you were politely challenged to respond to comments made on certain blogs by certain respondents.To refresh your memory it dealt with your comments dealing with "vitriol". You chose to say silent when others with similar opinions as yours used vicious accusations as well. I'm very sorry but any blog you post now is tainted because you were proven to have no real beliefs in what you write. I'm sorry but I sincerely hope people move along and skip you missives.
Meg O'Hare May 17, 2012 at 05:08 PM
I no not "tainted"! Charles RIchardson thinks that I must respond to comments to my blogs by people who use "vitriolic" language. I do not see that as my "duty". Maybe you can do that in your blog, Charles.
Ron Burgundy May 18, 2012 at 12:29 AM
Charles, don't try to have rational thoughts with this person. She's like Pratt Street, one way all of the time. You tried, I read the posts, you gave her a chance to show she actually means what she says. What a joke. This is nothing more than a ploy to try and get back on an elected school board.It's her only chance and slim and none just left town. She's now left to play the role of a bitter , bitter person who probably was always the last person picked to join a team or a club..
Meg O'Hare May 18, 2012 at 02:28 PM
Ron how nice that you could join the blog world to promote your boss' political agenda. If you are who everyone thinks you are, you are the same small minded "good ole boy" you have always been. Never did get over not getting the job did you? Oh well two pensions are better than one. Well, well--Charles is your cohort. Waiting for your blog, Ron, as well as the Charles RIchardson blog.


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