Why Pay 2 Superintendents?

How can Baltimore County Board of Education justify this?

The only employee that any Board of Education has is the Superintendent.  Therefore, compensation for superintendents is in their hands.

Yesterday, I wrote that I had heard a rumor that Dr. Dance is being paid over $20,000 for one week's work in June 2012, the month before his contract begins.  I now know that Dr. Dance is being paid over $20,000 for one month's work.

My question now is why does the Board of Education need to pay two superintendents for the Month of June  I am operating under the assumption that we are operating in a climate of shrinking finances for education. I do not think that it is coincidental that the payment for June 2012 is in the $20,000 range since this is about 1/12th of Dr. Dance's negotiated annual salary.

I still think that this may be less than forthright way of paying Dr. Dance to relocate.

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K Blue May 20, 2012 at 02:49 PM
If the rumor that you outline is true, I dont have a problem with it. Its either pay the incoming superintendent a month's salary in June to colloborate and communicate with Dr. Hairston (who is paid up through the end of June if I am not mistaken), or enter into a consulting contract with Dr. Hairston so he will consult after June and pay Dr. Hairston. I would prefer to pay the new superintendent, and have them communicating earlier in June rather than later in July. Your blog raises an interesting issue that I dont know the answer to and that is whether Dr Hairston will be paid by BCPS in any capacity come July 1. As for the relocation expenses, when I saw the article about his $5k allotment for relocation expenses, I thought it said for 2 moves: one to an apartment and one later to a house in the County he needs to locate. I inferred that meant $5k each bringing the total to $10k. Dont know if what I inferred is right or not; either way, its better for us than Foose's deal is in Howard County.
Meg O'Hare May 20, 2012 at 08:08 PM
Apparently Dr. Dance will be paid over $20,000 for the month of June. This has to be close to the monthly salary he will begin earning in July. t is not a rumor, but true that 2 superintendents will be paid. I twould like to know if it is common practice to pay 2 people for the same job for any amount of time. I thought that was the job of the transition team. Why does Dr. Dance need to get paid over $20,000 for the month of June? It is not like he has the responsibility of the Superintendent yet. Certainly $over 20,000 for one month is an excessive fee for the person who does not yet have responsibility for anything. Pay should be for level of responsibility of work being done. Shadowing the superintendent certainly deserves a lesser salary. We are not living in times when we can afford to waste more than $20,000. Maybe we could afford to do this in "flush" times, but ordinary people are struggling to make ends meet. I still say that this is a less than direct way the the Board leadership team used to pay Dr. Dance moving expenses. There is no set amount of money that Howard County will pay Dr. Foose. According to The Baltimore Sun, Dr. Foose can be reimbursed up to $25,000 that does not mean that her expenses will be $25,000.
K Blue May 21, 2012 at 01:10 AM
I guess the alternative of delaying until July is what makes me less repulsed by the $20,000 figure but I can clearly see your point about the figure being excessive in relation to the actual work you perceive he will be doing. Hopefully, Dallas Dance will be doing more than shadowing the superintendent in June. Time will tell. This County school system has problems that require immediate attention. As for the moving expenses, I trust that the Board will not reimburse him without receipts so we should be able to get a firm figure upon request for those expenses and can see if they are being supplemented by the June salary.
Ron Burgundy May 21, 2012 at 11:51 PM
I didn't recruit anyone Meg, Charles appears (at least electronically) capable of looking at a situation and making a comment about the issue. When did you become the financial watchdog? As reported weren't you on the Board "watching" a $7,000,000 mistake take place at Milford Mill? Additionally ,Charles makes astute observations that you criticize folks for vitriol,unless they happen to agree with your point of view.
Bmill May 30, 2012 at 08:01 PM
And the Board can reduce teachers thru attrition and also cut their salaries if they are department chairs. But they will pay the new guy $20k. I wonder if he is still receiving a check from his previous employer for that month?


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