An Elegant Manicure With a Little Twist

Elegant Nails was this week's stop on our Best Manicure of the Tri-boro Tour.

Never have I ever seen a salon so quiet as when I went to , at 104 Boonton Avenue in Kinnelon, one Monday afternoon. I literally was the only person there, which was actually quite refreshing, as I did not have to listen to chitter chatter from other customers fighting the blaring sounds of a loud television, as often happens at nail salons.

The second thing I instantly noticed about the salon was its clean, sleek appearance. The salon was well-decorated, in my opinion, and gave off the impression of a high-end establishment. Prices also reflected this as my manicure cost $15, more than many other local manicures.

I originally chose a soft pink color, but after seeing a bottle of the new OPI Shatter nail polish, I decided to spice it up for the readers and show you the cool effects of this new polish. I went with a light purple under a darker purple.

Now here are my thoughts on the manicure:

Quality of Service: My manicurist did a very nice job of shaping my nails. I could tell that she was spending time on each nail, being very particular. One thing that I thought was a little strange was that even though I was the only customer there, there were two other employees of the salon in addition to my manicurist and no one was talking to each other. I actually think the non-talking enhanced the soothing atmosphere though.

Overall Impression of Facility: I was very impressed with the facility. I thought it was very clean and professional looking. I did not see any dust or dirt on the floors or tables and each chair had a pillow for back support. I liked this because it showed that the salon was concerned with customers' comfort. There was not any soothing music playing, but it was okay because the silence was almost better.

Special Touches: The manicurist did give me a brief massage while my hands were drying. I've come to almost expect these massages, as many salons do it, but it is still a nice touch to me.

Conclusion: I thought the manicurist did a nice job and I was impressed with the salon. I do feel that I could have gotten the same quality manicure from another salon for a lower price. I would give this manicure a 3 out of 5.

Manicure Tried: Monday, June 27
Cost of Manicure: $15 before tip
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If you would like to join us for a manicure, email me at

s calla July 06, 2011 at 03:56 PM
so at last tell us where it is..that would be nice!
Ashley Mastroianni July 07, 2011 at 03:16 PM
Love the shatter nail polish! Looks so pretty!
Ariana Cohn-Sheehan July 08, 2011 at 01:18 PM
Sue, you're right. I may have been a little easy on Allure because it was my first review, although in the description, I'm sure people will see the reasons I did not enjoy it. If you really think about it, 2.5 is just average, so Elegant still scored better than average!


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