avoid Progressive- this is why

Hi,   I got involved into car accident yesterday at 5:30 pm along Hillen Road (pass Ice Arena). It took police 3 hours to get there. They said they were going around and were not able to find it. Besides that, we called my insurance company Progressive- they said that they are going to send a tow truck. Well, there wasn’t any tow trucks by the time police came (at 8:30 pm). They promised to call us at the morning and didn’t. My husband called them and they said that it was too dangerous for tow truck to get there (Hillen Road, boarder of Baltimore city and Baltimore county)... now they still making excuses and it is 2:10 pm next day- and my car still staying at the road. I want to report this situation to you. I would like you to do the coverage on it. People expect to get taken care of my police and insurance companies when something happens- my story is a proof that hope is just a hope and has no connection with reality.
Needaname February 14, 2014 at 10:06 AM
.... any updates ?


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