Coffee & Tea Gather - Donations Needed ASAP

I am an eco-blogger and activist, who calls Baltimore home.

I created the ‘Coffee & Tea Gather‘ as a means to raise awareness and funds/donations for Baltimore’s Less Fortunate. 

Recently, I was introduced to just how impoverished some of our fellow Marylanders are. The statistics are shocking, and a drive through the less fortunate parts of Baltimore can bring you to tears.

In Maryland alone,there are 1 in 6 families who cannot afford to keep food on the table.

Baltimore has some of the wealthiest and some of the poorest, within blocks of each other.

How can we change this? How can we share our comforts?

I have been in contact with local Baltimore soup kitchens and food pantries, and I asked what they were most in need of.

Their typical answers were…canned foods, toiletries, and casserole-type dinners donated.

But after talking with them for a little while, they mentioned how a hot cup of coffee or tea really brings a warm smile on a cold day, and a cool glass of iced tea brings a refreshed smile on a hot day.

Baltimore’s soup kitchens go through up to 100 gallons of coffee & tea every day!

Simple pleasures in life, like a hot cup of java or a seeping mug of black tea, are things that we live with and take so much for granted [x].

It may be a small step in bringing light to the lives of Baltimore’s Less Fortunate, but if it can aid their spirit while they heal from living in hardship – it is all worth it!

If you are a volunteer and willing to help me reach this goal, and possibly work with me to expand the donation collection to include food/meals,

or you are a coffee and/or tea business and you would like to donate to the cause -

email me at envirothrift@gmail.com


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