Huguely's Aunt Remembers "Georgie"

Alina Massaro's testimony portrayed a softer side of the Chevy Chase man accused of killing his ex-girlfriend.

After witness upon witness had been called on to testify that George Huguely, his aunt Alina Massaro, presented a kinder side to the man accused of killing his ex-girlfriend, writes Jean Marbella of The Baltimore Sun.

On Friday, Massaro narrated a video while on the stand in which "Georgie," his ex-girlfriend Yeardley Love of Cockeysville and her two daughters were embracing at Boylan Heights, a Charlottesville bar and restaurant. She pointed out that the couple was holding hands.

Marbella argues that this scene, which took place two days before Love's death, shows that most relationships are not linear—there are always good times and bad. But, usually, no one ends up dead.

Read the full story here.


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