POLL: Are Pit Bulls 'Inherently Dangerous?'

The pit bull task force meets in Annapolis on Tuesday. Back in May, a 9-year-old boy was bitten by a pit bull in Pasadena.

Maryland's pit bull task force will hold its first meeting in Annapolis on Tuesday.

Lawmakers formed the group after the Maryland Court of Appeals ruling back in April, .” In the event of an attack, it is not necessary to prove that a pit bull had a history of violence; if the owner/landlord knew the dog was a pit bull or pit mix, that person is automatically liable for damages.

This issue hit close to Pasadena on May 23 when a .

The new task force will meet to discuss legislation prohibiting any dog from being named "inherently dangerous."

Since the court ruling, Marylanders have railed in defense of the pit bulls, saying the ruling unfairly targets one type of dog. It could also limit housing options for those who own pit bulls.

According to WBAL, animal rights activists feel as though a number of dogs could be abandoned and euthanized because of the ruling.

When the 9-year-old boy from Pasadena was seriously injured from the pit bull bite, several readers left comments on the site in the defense of the breed.

Patch reader Cindy wrote, “Pit bulls are no more dangerous than any dog that has teeth! I am so sick of hearing this kind of stuff! It is only because the media can't wait to jump on a pit bull bite. If they don't know what kind of dog it is they almost always say it looks to be a pit bull mix.”

Patch reader Kathryn wasn’t so quick to defend pit bulls. She talked about the size of the breed’s jaw.

Kathryn wrote, “All dogs can bite, but let's not ignore the strength and power in a pit bull's jaw compared to, as examples, a retriever (who is bred with a narrower gentle jaw to not damage what it retrieves) or a small breed like a Chihuahua. Painful teeth? Yes. Crushing jaw? No.”

WBAL reports that Tuesday’s task force will hear from 25 witnesses including dog owners, attorneys, animal advocates, insurers and landlords. The task force has scheduled another meeting for July 3 to come up with recommendations, according to WBAL.

Tell Us: What do you think about the court ruling? Are pit bulls “inherently dangerous?” Vote in our poll and tell us why you think that way in the comments.

Terri T Fletcher Yengich July 25, 2012 at 06:14 PM
but I also know if someone try's to come in my house rape me or kill me or my family or the neighborhood kids my dog's will not allow that and if it ever happens hell no it will not be my fault this person got his ass tore apart by my dog it will be that persons for being in my home for trying to cause bodily harm to me. I have the right to protect myself I just chose not to do it with a gun I chose to did it with my dog... And yes he will do that I know this. So don't go sneaking into my home.......
Tom Sharp July 25, 2012 at 06:18 PM
Remember the good old days when dog owners were generally stable and sane individuals. Where did all of these nuts come from and could we get them to go back to just owning cats? They're giving us all a bad reputation.
Joan Lee McMaster July 27, 2012 at 09:01 PM
Agreed. Responsible owners and good dog's should not be punished for the actions of a few.
MLSandler September 04, 2012 at 08:16 PM
It is a complete and utter myth that any of the Bull Terrier types' bite is stronger than any other dog. A) Science has never done a conclusive dog bite study. B) Bully's do NOT have locking jaws - those are on fish and snakes. C) General science has found that "domestic dogs" average 320 psi (pounds per square inch), with ABPT being on the LOW end of that scale. Have you not seen the latest attack of a Labrador who mauled a little boy's face? ANY breed can attack. Chihuahua's are known for being aggressive little monsters, but hey, since I can't fit my AmStaff in my handbag I guess my dog must be the meaner right? Responsible owners, education and DEED Legislation. http://www.understand-a-bull.com/PitbullInformation/Urbanlegends.htm
MLSandler September 04, 2012 at 09:11 PM
Not true. The GOOD owners want the BAD owners held responsible. There is a difference. My dog was rescued from a fighting ring. Those people have been arrested and being taken to trial in KCK. I am his new owner and I am responsible for his behavior and well-being now. If he attacks a dog at the park, it is MY responsibility. Guess what, he doesn't attack anyone anymore. I have trained it out of him. He's loyal by nature, he just wants to please. Pleasing me means not lunging, growling or attacking.


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