Please help The Family of Connor Ferguson

Connor Ferguson was diagnosed with a rare heart condition called Brugada just a few years ago.  Connor had an operation to have a defibrillator device put in just in case he ever had another cardiac issue as he had once before, causing his heart to stop. Little did he know on December 20th 2013 He would go into cardiac arrest while playing a game of football with his neighborhood friends. Every single person did what they could for Connor from friends, paramedics and Doctors. It was so unfortunate that nothing worked.  As a result Connor  passed away on December 20th 2013.  Connor's Original surgeries left behind hospital expenses for the family to pay, in addition to the Funeral itself.  What we are asking for is any type of money donation for the Ferguson Family to help pay for any medical related expense, so they are not left with any grief financially.
Anything would help them out! - See more at:  http://www.youcaring.com/medical-fundraiser/connor-ferguson-memorial-fund/119326


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