Question of the Day: What Big Business Would You Welcome to RVC?

Let your opinion be heard.

Over the years, there has been discussion, or at least rumors, of bringing in a corporate business to the downtown shopping area. Some think it would spur commerce, while others believe it could take away from the small-town feel of RVC.

If you could choose one big business to bring into RVC, which would it be? Old Navy? Target? Or do you think bringing in companies like that is bad for RVC?

Let us know in the comments.

Frank June 09, 2011 at 03:06 PM
how about a Saks, Bloomingdale's, or Nordstorm satellite store at the Waldbaums site. that's upscale. How about a high end men's shop like Brooks Brothers at the odeon? Maybe a Tourneau?
Craig Lombardo June 09, 2011 at 06:08 PM
Ugh. Enter "miracle mile of rvc" by adding department stores. More traffic and more parking restrictions...
Frank June 09, 2011 at 06:32 PM
More consumer traffic is good. Yes parking is a problem, but the north side of town has parking (quote EJ son). What would you suggest? The title is about Big Business... are you against big business for RVC?
Craig Lombardo June 09, 2011 at 06:38 PM
I absolutely am. As mentioned above, I think it'd be best to preserve the local, independently owned stores. One big store like Old Navy will begin a trend. Eventually, the little stores and botiques will diminish and the GAP will buy the real estate. I can't imagine our town developing into another miracle mile. I'm sure you've driven through Northern Blvd. What a nightmare! Even Oceanside is maddening to get through. I love the fact that the chain stores are still local to get to, yet not in this town.
Frank June 09, 2011 at 07:23 PM
That's true. I would at least look to see it we can get one real business to set foot in RVC, not retail, but maybe a financial company like Northern Trust, American Express, (would help out on the high vacancy rates in the office market in RVC), or a software company like Norton, Microsoft, etc... anything that can provide some real jobs into town.


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