Scared of Losing It All

My name is Lakeisha Thomas I am 38 years old and I worked for my employer(Home Depot) for 6 years. Last year on 11/09/12 I was in a car accident that left me unable to work. When I started with my employer I signed up for short term and long term disability. Upon being injured I called them to find out if I was eligible for disability payments they had me fill out paperwork. I did as they asked and they approved me for payments. Since I've been paying in for 6 years every week from every check. In June of 2013 their disability provider Liberty Mutual tells me I'm no longer eligible for disability because my doctors office notes don't specifically say I'm disable. But I do fax them a disability certificate from my doctor after every visit. Needless to say they tell me to file an appeal. I file an appeal and submit all my doctors records along with my MRI results. A doctor from Liberty Mutual who never examined me states I only had whiplash and should have returned to work 3 weeks after my accident. Meanwhile my MRI results so several bulging disc and herniated disc in my neck and back along with another test I took that shows I have pinched nerves. I am 38 in constant pain I have had several injections in back and I walk with a cane. Now Liberty Mutual has a lien on my settlement, to recoup the monies paid to me while on disability. My lawyer asked them to lift the lien b/c without this money I may lose everything I have. I have applied for disability through the government and I am waiting on a hearing. I have had to apply for social services but that is a process. My lawyer has reached out to Liberty Mutual and their attorney and they have been anything but helpful. I even went so far as to email the CEO of Home Depot and call the corporate office and all I get is the run around. I'm not asking for a handout. I just want someone to listen and shed some light on my situation. Thank You and God Bless.


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