Thinking About a Corporate Retreat in 2014?

Corporate Retreats and Team Alignment Strategies Understanding Your Innate Self to Understand Who You Are Within a Team  

At Clark Leadership Group, we believe the single most powerful way to evolve as a leader, and ultimately propel an organization forward is to become truly self-aware. We feel the only way to achieve this is to get to a person’s core. Working with corporate senior staff retreat participants both as individuals and within a group, we develop a high-trust, accountable and bonded leadership team positioned for long-term success.

Staff members are required to take the Taylor CVI™ Protocol Assessment at the onset of the retreat. By using this tool, we start from a base where each person can fully understand who he or she is at his or her very center—how they are innately wired. In order to keep up with today’s fast paced work environment, it is imperative for leaders to constantly strive to understand themselves at a deeper level.

Other components in the senior staff retreat revolve around exercises designed to enhance individual and team accountability, building a high-trust team, as well as mission alignment.


Senior staff team alignment strategies led by Clark Leadership Group are deep, real and psychology based.  They are designed to be the impetus of bringing positive change in an organization.

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