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Man Accused in Bomb Scare Dismisses Attorney

Duane Davis said he was poorly served by his attorney, who was representing him for free.

In what would have been his trial date on Tuesday morning, the man accused in a February bomb scare in Towson dismissed his attorney and moved to postpone his trial.

The trial for Duane G. Davis Sr. is now tentatively scheduled for Sept. 13 in Baltimore County Circuit Court.

Davis said he dismissed attorney Thomas Saunders, who was representing him pro bono, because he refused to call witnesses from Davis' extensive list, including elected officials, Baltimore-area reporters and friends.

In the brief hearing on Tuesday, Saunders told judge Ruth Ann Jakubowski that he had talked to witnesses and bomb technicians and was "fully prepared" to go to trial.

"I frankly believe Mr. Saunders has done what he's supposed to do, based on his proffer to the court," Jakubowski told Davis at the hearing, advising him to seek a public defender or private counsel as soon as possible.

Assistant State's Attorney Michael Fuller did not object to the postponement. Davis waived his right to a speedy trial.

Davis admits to leaving a toilet in front of the old Baltimore County Courthouse on Washington Avenue. The toilet, which Davis considers his calling card of sorts, was decorated with newspaper clippings, a radio, a cell phone and a petition. On Feb. 7, a maintenance worker found the toilet and called Baltimore County police, . He said he left the toilet to promote a film he is making about racial prejudice in the judicial system.

After the Tuesday hearing, he told reporters that the Towson toilet was "(State's Attorney Scott) Shellenberger's gift" and that he had left similar "gifts" in front of other officials' offices, including U.S. Rep. Elijah Cummings and Gov. Martin O'Malley. Shellenberger and Cummings are on Davis' list of potential witnesses.

"He's not distributing justice equally," Davis said of Shellenberger. "He's racially biased in his prosecution."

, he expressed disbelief that the toilet went 24 hours without being reported and said the toilet, marked with a sign that said "Do not Destroy—Art/Evidence," could not have been considered as a threat.

David Taylor June 28, 2011 at 03:35 PM
Why doesn't the prosecuter just move to dismiss this case - Duane Davis is obviously NOT a terrorist bomber. Ask youself if it's Justice, and if that's not your concern, then ask yourself if it's really worth the time/money to go after this dude to "protect the public" given the facts we already know. The only danger he presents is to embarass politicians, and sorry, but that's a proud America tradition that should be SUPPORTED not prosecuted.
JDStuts June 28, 2011 at 06:47 PM
Momentum? Once the bomb squad got involved the bureaucratic machine took over, each level passing it off to another to justify the costs and their dedication to homeland security and law and order. At this stage it would take a big person to say, we've overblown this, let's re-calibrate.


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