Package Thefts Reported in West Towson

Towson police warn that, due to the nature of the crime, any community could be targeted.

Towson police have received several reports of packages stolen from the front door of residences in West Towson.

So far, the thefts have primarily taken place along the Charles Street corridor, according to an email from Sgt. Stephen Fink. Police have been alerted to the incidents when residents return to their homes and discover the packages are missing.

Because of the nature of the crime, Fink warns that any community could be targeted by the thieves.

There are no suspect descriptions.

Police ask community members to keep an eye out and call 911 if they see someone stealing a package. Descriptions of the thieves and any possible vehicles "would greatly benefit our investigations," Fink wrote.

Police urge residents to not put themselves in harms way.

JDStuts February 28, 2013 at 05:00 PM
That's fine, our councilman is about to steal our quality of life...
Roger March 01, 2013 at 12:10 PM
Not really. It's always about money. Big money. David Marks really is a good man but he knows Kamenitz and his friend Sapperstein are the big players so he has to go along quietly rather than cross KK. Are you saying you don't want a busy fire station in west Towson? That's a view too narrow. Defend the current perfect location and speak of the need for comprehensive planning to keep Towson from becoming Glen Burnie. The ugly ugly Urban Outfitters store in the center of our town is a perfect example of money trumping design with KK's blessing. Does anyone think that monstrosity enhances our town? We hardly hear a peep about that. That is why you will get a firehouse in west Towson and another busy grocery store scattershot amongst car lots, gas stations and strip stores. It's big money to the developers and everyone knows KK owes them. David Marks didn't make the deal and he's not ready to fight it if he can't win.
Bart March 01, 2013 at 12:41 PM
Stuts, you REALLY need to get a new mission in life. This one's worn out.
Victor Lustig March 01, 2013 at 03:16 PM
Bart, From reading the comments from Stuts and others like Roger below I have to admit I've gleaned some insight on this bit of politics. Do I agree with the tone? Yes and no. I see a lot of passion in what people write because they are fighting for their homes and families. I suspect the dialogue could be more civil if it was that, a two way interaction. But when politicians preface statements with a refusal to take questions or engage with constituents you pit the little guy against the system. I talked to some local community leaders recently about this situation. There is a good bit of disgust with the executive's office and the councilman. But what struck me as odd was their opinion of this being a cash grab for which their plan was to get in on it. Some think if the councilman ponies up with cash perks for neighborhood improvements they'll take what they can get. Considering no one has any idea of the numbers of this deal it seems strange to they think they'll get anything other than an empty promise. Not to mention the fact that sale of public land should benefit the whole citizenry and not a select few I wouldn't be surprised to see a lawsuit preventing this sort of collusion. Essentially it is resource harvesting and targeted profiteering. The Bureau of Land Management has reams of case material on its illegality. So until there is light shed on the specifics I say "play on."
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